Owen-Luke Conflict
General Information
Intimacy Level Former Friends, Rivals, Former Teammates
Conflict Started Scream (2) (1220)
Conflict Status Ex-Rivals

The conflict between Luke Baker and Owen Milligan began in Season 12, when Luke trapped Owen's younger brother Tristan in a classroom so he would miss the play. The two had been on good terms prior, as they were both on the Ice Hounds hockey team. It is one of the many conflicts that Luke is involved with at Degrassi.

Friendship History

Season 12

In Gives You Hell (1), Owen and Luke were sitting at a table with the rest of the Ice Hounds at lunch when Tristan comes over and asks to sit down. Owen is both shocked, and embarassed for his brother, while Luke laughs with the rest of their teammates.

Conflict History

Season 12

In Scream (2), Owen, Luke, and Dallas are talking when Maya, Tori, and Zig approach their group, telling Owen that Luke has Tristan's phone, so he must know where the missing Tristan is. Owen forces Luke to give him the phone, and slams him against a locker, demanding where his brother is, while threatening to hit him at same time.


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