Ox Andrews is a boy who attended Degrassi Community School in Season 2. He tried out for the Degrassi Wrestling Team, but did not make it, as he lost his match to Toby Isaacs. He only appears in Mirror in the Bathroom. He was portrayed by Ayo Kamau.

Character History

Season 2

In Mirror in the Bathroom, he along with others that wish to join the wrestling team wait in the gym. He is weighed right before Toby, and is in a class lower than him. Toby's weight put him in a class higher than Ox, where he would have to wrestle Sean Cameron. As Toby knew he could not defeat Sean, he took laxatives to lose weight, so that he could wrestle with Ox in the lower class instead. During practice, Toby and Ox wrestle for the spot on the team, but Toby overpowers him and wins, meaning Ox did not make the cut.