The relationship between Paige Michaelchuk and Griffin Pierce-Taylor, known as Gaige (Paige/Griffin), began in Season 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation while they were living together at T.U.

Relationship History


Their relationship started when they became roommates, and then had sex in Talking in Your Sleep. Paige found out that Griffin had HIV, and even though they used a condom, Paige was still scared of the possibilities. After talking about it, they decided to stay together, even at the risk that Paige could get HIV herself. However, they broke up off screen after Don't Stop Believin', as it was shown that Paige moved to L.A. The circumstances of their breakup are unknown.

Season 7

In Love is a Battlefield, Paige calls him cute and normal, and votes for him to be their new roommate.

In Jessie's Girl, Paige comments that it's a good thing she double bagged her clothes, otherwise the people at the party that Griffin threw would have ruined them.


In Talking in Your Sleep, Paige starts having feelings for Griffin, after he helps paint her new room, then completely finishes the room for her. The two have sex and start dating shortly after. The morning after that, Griffin left to go to work but he forgot his wallet which makes Paige go in his room to put it away. She finds an open drawer filled with pills and shows Marco They then discover that he is using an HIV cocktail, meaning that he is HIV-positive. When Paige confronted him they had a falling out for the rest of the night, until Griffin reveals that he was born with HIV, and that all the drugs he has taken have helped. Paige assumed "too many girls too few condoms." Despite his initial secrecy, Paige wants him to stay, because Griffin wanted to leave after that after they talked it through. Whether Paige herself has HIV is unknown, since they used protection, and it will take some time to get results.


In Don't Stop Believin', Paige, Griffin, Ellie, and Marco hang out. Griffin and Paige are still dating, and when Paige and Griffin decide to go to bed, Griffin tells Marco and Ellie that they should study upstairs, implying that he and Paige would be having sex downstairs in Paige's bedroom. This is Griffin's last appearance.

Season 8

Paige and Griffin broke up sometime before Degrassi Goes Hollywood because Paige moved to L.A.