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Paige-Heather Conflict
General Information
Intimacy Level Rivals
Conflict Started Before Season 1
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The conflict between Paige Michalchuk and Heather Sinclair began before Season 1 of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Conflict History


Paige and Heather's rivalry began before season 1. The girls detested each other until the day of their graduation. Paige often insulted her to her friends.

Season 1

In Parents' Day, Terri MacGregor mentions that Heather has an agent which disgusts Paige because of her overbite.

In Friday Night, Paige says to Emma Nelson that her crush on Sean Cameron is more obvious than Heather's nose job.

Season 2

In Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Paige tells Jimmy Brooks that she saw better dancing at Heather's grade 3 sock-hop than Spinner's robot dance moves.

Season 4

In Mercy Street, Paige calls Heather's eyebrows "tragically over plucked", and Emma says that her tweezers should be confiscated.

In Neutron Dance, while Paige is trying to impress Matt Oleander with her yoga skills, he goes over to Heather to help her, which makes Paige jealous.

Season 5

In The Lexicon of Love (2), while Paige is telling Marco Del Rossi that she has feelings for a girl, Marco thinks its Heather because he sees the way that Heather "looks" at her. Paige responds "Ew."

Season 6

In Our Lips Are Sealed (2), Paige and her girlfriend Alex Nuñez make fun of Heather for wearing valley shorts to school.


In Queen Bees, Paige and Holly J. Sinclair have a face off about who is a better queen bee. Holly J. mentions that she's Heather's younger sister and Paige responds, "She's the Devil's spawn."


  • They were both queen bees.
  • They were both on the Spirit Squad.
  • It is assumed that Heather is the same age as Paige. As such, she was most likely a member of the Class of 2006.
  • According to Marco, the way that Heather "looks" at Paige indicates she had a crush, meaning that she could have been a lesbian or bisexual.
  • Paige mentions that Heather had a nose job in Season 1. Manny mentions that she had a bad nose getting in Season 7. Holly J. later mentions that Heather did have a nose job due to the "Sinclair Schanuze" in Season 11.
  • Heather's younger sister, Holly J. Sinclair, shares similarities with Paige.
  • It is possible that Heather had a conflict with Manny Santos, as Paige did.
  • They were both members of the Yoga Club.

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