Paula was a fellow cancer patient at Clare Edwards' hospital.

Character History

Season 13

In All I Wanna Do, Paula makes a comment to Clare about using medical marijuana during their group session regarding the usage of mental exercises to overcome cancer. Paula realizes Clare is new since she still has her hair. She urges her to shave her hair off since it is the only way she will have control over her body now. She asks Clare if she is worried if her boyfriend, Eli Goldsworthy, will break up with her. When Clare says she's sure he won't, Paula reveals that her ex-boyfriend did since he "wanted a girlfriend, not a patient". Paula says that her boyfriend was "all in" too, but he did not know what he was all in for before he eventually broke up with her on account of her cancer. This therefore giving Clare doubts about her relationship's future with Eli now that she has cancer. 


In My Own Worst Enemy, Clare goes to see Paula to chat. She sees a nurse cleaning up the room and bed, leading Clare to believe she has the wrong room. The nurse reveals Paula has actually left. Clare believes Paula's cancer passed and got to leave, calling her a "lucky duck", but the nurse's silence reveals the truth; Paula died from her cancer. When asked when Paula died, the nurse says she died that morning and voices her sympathy for the situation. Clare is left in more fear for her life, since she and Paula shared the same cancer.


  • She is the first character to die from cancer.
    • After Helen Wheeler, Paula is the second on-screen female to die. John Wheeler, Claude, Dr. Manning, Rick, J.T., Anson, Cam and Adam were all males.
    • Paula is the first character in Degrassi history to die of natural causes (diseases) rather than to be killed by force (two car crashes, one shooting, one back stabbing, one brick to the head and two suicides).
  • She had the same type of cancer as Clare.
  • Due to losing her hair because of her cancer, she wore a red wig.
  • Her death, along with the death of Adam shortly after, forced Clare to deal with the loss of two friends in a matter of weeks - two friends who greatly helped her during her struggle with cancer that summer.


  • (To Marielle): "Yay! No more chemo for me!" (First line)
  • (To Clare): Someone can use some medical marijuana.
  • (To Clare): He said he wanted a girlfriend, not a patient.
  • (To Clare): I guess he had no idea what he was in for. (Last line)