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Pay Chen
Birth Name Pay Chen
Place of Birth Taiwan
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Occupation(s) Actress, Radio/Television Host
Website Pay Chen
IMDb Pay Chen
Twitter paychen
Pay Chen portrays Mrs. Lin in season 15 of Degrassi.

Chen is a Canadian television host, currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Chen grew up in Halifax and Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia. She moved to Toronto to attend Ryerson University, later working in writing and production roles for television series produced by Treehouse TV, YTV, and TVOntario. She then switched to Toronto's OMNI Television, where she worked for seven years producing and hosting paid informational and lifestyle segments, as well as a series of fact segments.

In 2009, she joined Citytv Winnipeg, where she co-hosted Breakfast Television Winnipeg. Starting alongside Jon Ljungberg, she replaced Heather Steele, who moved elsewhere on the station. She also wrote a food column for Metro Winnipeg. Upon leaving Breakfast in late 2011, she moved back to Toronto, where she can now be found hosting her own radio show, The Pay Chen Show, on Newstalk 1010.

Pay contributes food, travel, health and other lifestyle content to various publications in print and online. She has also written extensively for television series.


  • She has her own radio show, The Pay Chen Show.


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