Perez Hilton was a minor character appearing in the season finale movie, Degrassi Goes Hollywood, of the eighth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. He is a famous blogger and television personality known for his controversial opinions and statements. From seasons three to seven, he hosted the reunion specials of Oxygen's hit reality-television show series 'The Bad Girls Club' prior to being replaced as host by Bad Girls Club alum, Tanisha Thomas.

Character History

Season 8


Pictures of Hailey and Paige on Perez's site.

In Paradise City, Hailey Montel is excited when pictures of her and Paige Michalchuk show up Perez's site, and tells Paige it is good that he called her a "celebu-slut". When Marco Del Rossi asks why Perez drew antennas on their head, Hailey told him it was a sign of affection.

Later after Paige gets the movie cancelled, Paige runs into Perez, and she confronts him about his post. He at first doesn't recognize her, but tells Paige that she is "yesterday's news". She begs Perez to help her, and he tells her that celebrities are only as hot as their latest scandal. Out of pity, he gives her passes to a movie premiere for her, so that she could do something to redeem her reputation.