The relationship between Peter Stone and Darcy Edwards is known as Parcy (Peter/Darcy). It began in the sixth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Relationship History


Peter and Darcy first started their relationship in Free Fallin' (2) and ended it in Live to Tell because Peter felt like he didn't know Darcy anymore, and found her to be hopeless. They got back together in Bust a Move (1) and stayed together until Fight the Power when Darcy told Peter she was moving to Kenya. She is not seen again after this.

Season 6

The two interact for the first time in Eyes Without a Face (1). After his break up with Emma, Peter begins to take an interest in Darcy, even though she is dating Spinner. He harmlessly begins flirting with her, but Darcy quickly rebuffs his advances. At cheerleading practice, Peter takes out his camera and begins to take pictures of Darcy and Manny. Later that night, Darcy uploads the photos and gets compliments from a guy that Peter knows from the Web named Adams. Peter lies to Darcy and says that Adams is a teenager, plays soccer, is decent-looking, and has money. Peter also tells Darcy that Adams paid $200 for a picture of Darcy from her MyRoom page.

In Eyes Without a Face (2), Darcy continues to let Peter take sexy photos of her. Eventually, she meets Peter's "friend" Adams, who is just some weird, unmarried creep with money. Peter explains to Darcy that, "He played me, just like he played you." He also tries to kiss her, but she rebuffs him and slaps him in the hallway.


In Free Fallin' (1), Peter wants forgiveness from Darcy. He agrees to work at a soup kitchen with her. She seems to be warming up to him again, until he tells her that he has been driving with a suspended license. She smashes a pie in his face and leaves.

In Free Fallin' (2), Darcy gives Peter a second chance and agrees to go on a date with him. The two begin to date in this episode.

In Sunglasses at Night, Peter and Darcy are loving their secret relationship. However, when Ms. Hatzilakos finds out she threatens to send Peter to boarding school. Despite her threats, Peter and Darcy's love remains strong and they are determined not to break up.

Season 7

In Standing In The Dark (1), Peter and Darcy welcome each other from after break and Darcy convinces Peter that they should tell people of their relationship which Peter doesn't want to do and this upsets Darcy. At an assembly they get into a slight argument. Sometime at lunch Darcy is called into the principal's office, Darcy goes and it is revealed that Peter told his mother about the two of them dating at which she supports. At Spirit Squad practice, Darcy tells Manny Santos.

After school the three of them meet up to tell Darcy's parents about their relationship at which they aren't happy about because of Peter's history. On the day of the ski trip, Peter and Darcy are shown messing around an having fun. At the party Peter and Darcy are shown messing around even more but are drunk this time. They later go into a room and start making out then make out on a bed and Darcy tells him about the "above the waist rule" and to leave the room. Darcy then goes out and drinks some more and Peter tells her that he's a virgin too and that he loves her, but she passes out and he leaves to throw up.


In Standing In The Dark (2), Darcy wakes up naked next to Peter. She is convinced she and Peter had sex although he has no memory of the night, due to intoxication. He tried talking to her, saying how he knows how important her virginity and first time was to her, to which Darcy kicks him out of the room. When realizing he can remember everything but having sex with Darcy, he begins to doubt he ever did and grows suspicious of what really happened to Darcy. After Jane Vaughn reveals that there was a roofie rapist loose, Peter comes to the conclusion that Darcy was raped. When trying to tell this to her, she gets upsets and refuses to talk to him. 

When she tries to kill herself, Peter is at the hospital and asks Manny if her parents knew why she tried to kill herself, to which Manny said no. He contemplates telling them about Darcy's rape, but Manny says she's been reading some literature and it's strongly suggested to let rape victims cope in their own time. At school the next day, Peter and Manny walk up to her and give her the purity ring that was taken away from her, saying that rape didn't count.

In Live to Tell, Darcy is on a path of self-destruction, which causes Peter to break up with her because she is "hopeless".


In Bust a Move (1), Darcy and Peter attend a camp for troubled youths over Spring Break. Darcy's parents made her because of her rape and how she has been coping with it and Peter, wanting to be with Darcy, claimed that he smoked crack as an excuse to join. Darcy feels the best way for her to start over and to cope with her rape is for her and Peter to have sex. They eventually do and get back together in this episode.

In Bust a Move (2), Peter is supportive of Darcy as she comes to terms with her rape.

In Talking In Your Sleep, When Darcy lets slip of Peter's bad breath, Jane comments on his "jungle breath" when she does a scene with Peter in English class, Peter is mad at Darcy for a while. However near the end of the episode they've made up once they're seen kissing.

In Broken Wings, Peter and Darcy are talking until she spots her parents outside and Darcy's parents don't know about them before she has to go. When class ends Darcy asks if they're still on but Peter says he's busy whereas she's unaware of his incognito band The Stüdz. The next day at lunch Darcy asks Peter what he's listening to as he lets her listen to it, she finds out he's in the band but he tells her it's a secret.


In Ladies Night, Peter and Darcy are seen at Free the Children Freedom Fast.

In We Built This City, when Peter finds out that his mother was moving to Regina, he is upset because he wants to stay with Darcy in Toronto. However, he ends up staying at Degrassi after talking with a lawyer about emancipation.

Season 8


Darcy finally telling Peter about her trip to Kenya.

In Uptown Girl (1), Peter and Darcy are seen walking to Degrassi.

In Fight the Power, Darcy tells Peter that she's going off to Kenya and adds that she'll be back by next semester. However, Darcy is never seen again after this scene.

In Heart of Glass, Peter begins talking with Darcy again via letters and has plans to visit her. This makes his then girlfriend Mia Jones jealous, so in the end, Peter seemingly abandons his plans of going to Kenya.

Degrassi Minis

In Good Times, Bruce mentions Darcy as one of Peter's ex-girlfriends, among the others.


  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Free Fallin' (2) (615)
    • Broke Up: Live to Tell (712)
      • Reason: Peter thought that Darcy was hopeless following her self destructive path after her rape. 
  • Second Relationship:

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