Porcelina was Fiona Coyne's pet pig that she bought to school to help ease her loneliness. Fiona took Porcelina to school in her purse until her teacher told her to take her pig out of his classroom. Fiona dressed Porcelina up like herself and took pictures. She stepped in Porcelina's poop at the end of I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), and Porcelina ruined her house. Holly J. comes over and offers to help Fiona clean up, but she tells her to go if she wants to. Holly J. stays, and Fiona takes her back to the store. They used the money to go out on a shopping spree.


  • She is the first pet that Fiona owned.
  • She is the first of two pets that Fiona gave up, the other one being Mr. Tuxedo Pants.