Power Cheer is a cheerleading club founded by Becky Baker that co-exists with the Power Squad. Becky was the captain in Smells Like Teen Spirit until she fell and injured herself, leaving Zoë Rivas to take over.

Current Members

Former Members


  • It co-exists with the Power Squad, which Frankie is supposedly a part of as well.
  • Zoë overheard that Clare was pregnant and used the news to sabotage Becky at the assembly .
  • Becky and Paige had both been captains of a cheer leading team and both got injured.
  • Many of the girls in Power Cheer are cheerleaders in real life.
  • Becky had the shortest time as Power Cheer Captain.
  • All the girls on Power Cheer (except for Becky) sold nudes off of OomfChat in order to pay for expenses for Power Cheer. However, they were caught in Firestarter (2), as Zoë told the cops she was the ringleader behind and tried taking the rap for the whole team, but was caught lying.
  • The fate of Power Cheer is currently unknown.