"We had sex!"
Zoë Rivas

Power to the People is the twentieth episode of Season 13.

Main Plot

Drew thinks Zoë is too clingy so decides to break up with her but gets in more trouble than he actually thought.

Sub Plot

Alli and Dallas team up for the science but decides to get Jenna as a partner but makes a bad mistake picking her as her partner.

Third Plot

Imogen tries to make a team full of girls to save the dress code after Mr. Simpson lets her. 

  • This episode is named after the song Power to the People by John Lennon.
  • This marks the end of Drew and Zoë's relationship.
  • Adam was referenced in this episode.
  • Bianca was mentioned in this episode.
  • Mishu Vellani (Mrs. Bhandari) is credited for this episode despite not actually appearing.
  • The scene when Becky was hugging Imogen is used in the title sequence for season 13.

  • Frankie: "This is our win too, we don't wanna ruin it for anyone."
  • Becky: "Hold it there hugs-a-lot there's still one problem, your socks are mismatched."
    Imogen: "Oh... that was intentional"
  • Dallas: "Oooh Drew Torres reading a book?"
  • Mrs. Rivas: "What were you thinking when you had sex with my daughter?" (to Drew)

  • "White Noise" by the Glorious Sons - Heard when Drew celebrates and works for his campaign job.
  • "Toes" by Lights - Heard when Drew tries to apologize to Zoë.
  • "The Coldest State" by Donovan Woods - Heard when Alli shows Ms. Cohen her work.