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"It's okay, Marco... I'm here, buddy. I'm right here, and I'm not going anywhere. "
Jimmy assures Marco he's there for him, after being bashed for being a homosexual.

“Pride (2)”
Season 3, Episode 5
305 001
Can. Airdate

October 15, 2003

U.S. Airdate

October 17, 2003

Prod. Code



Aaron Martin (Story)
James Hurst (Story)
Shelley Scarrow (Story)
Aaron Martin (Teleplay)


Phil Earnshaw

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Pride (1)


Gangsta, Gangsta

Pride (2) is the fifth episode of Season 3 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. It originally aired on October 15, 2003 on CTV Television and on October 17, 2003 on The N. The episode was directed by Phil Earnshaw and shares its title with the song by U2.


Ever since Marco secretly came out to Spinner, he can't handle the fact that Marco's gay, so Marco wonders whether he should keep it a secret from everyone else until a horrible night shows him who his real friends are. Meanwhile, Snake's been getting sicker, and what he thought was just a cold suddenly seems much more ominous.

Main Plot

Spinner still can't handle the fact that Marco is a gay, so Marco wonders whether he should keep it a secret from everyone else or if they will be different. But on the way to Dylan's hockey game, he gets bashed by a group of homophobic guys. They then break his phone preventing him from calling anybody. Jimmy realizes something is wrong when Marco hasn't shown up yet or picked up his cell phone. While Marco is being gay bashed. Jimmy starts worrying and searches for Marco. He finds him with a cop and tells her that he is a friend. He then explains the situation to the cop.

Sub Plot

Meanwhile, Snake's been getting sicker, and what he thought was just a cold, turns out to be leukemia.

  • This episode is named after the song "Pride" by U2.
  • The N edited out almost every use of the word "Fag" in the American version of this episode. Also, The N edited what Spinner wrote on the wall in the bathroom "Marco is a fag." to "Marco is gay." in the American version of this episode. Lastly, The N also cut some footage of Marco getting beat up in the park in the American version of this episode.
  • This is the most edited episode of Degrassi on the television channel The N.
  • Craig tells Marco and Ellie that Spinner is planning a surprise party for Paige's 16th birthday, which would later be depicted in Should I Stay or Should I Go?.

Spinner: (in an alley with Marco after Marco leaves after a date with Hazel) What are you doing?
Marco: Leave me alone, Spin.
Spinner: You just walked out on your day with Hazel!
Marco: I mean it, Spin! Please back off!
Spinner: What's going on! (pushes Marco against a wall) Why did you...
Marco: Why don't you understand! (pushes Spinner away)
Spinner: Why?! That you're a psycho?! You just walked out on a date with one of Degrassi's coolest girls for your mom's pasta sauce?! It doesn't make sense! (pulls Marco away)
Marco: Yes it does!
Spinner: Oh yeah? Well, stop crying and explain it to me because obviously I'm a moron and don't get it!
Marco: It's because Spin!
Spinner: Because what?
Marco: It's because I'm gay!
Emma: Snake, you have cancer and you're always joking around or shaving your head like nothing's wrong!
Snake: Because I have to be like this, Emma if I'm gonna beat it!
Emma: Are you?!
Snake: Yes. I promise you, Spike and Baby Jack. Yes, I'm going to beat it.

  • "Can't Be Love" by Meeka
  • "Modern Love" by The Premiums
  • "So Easy" by Chris Tait