Rachel Rhodes was a reporter, and was also a colleague of Caitlin Ryan. She was portrayed by Inga Cadranel.

Character History

Season 4

In Time Stands Still (2), she tries to ask Craig Manning questions about Jimmy Brooks, who had been shot in the school shooting at Degrassi Community School. She tries to convince Caitlin to let her cover the story, but she backs off of Craig when Caitlin threatens to punch her. After Caitlin leaves, Rachel begins to question Toby Isaacs. She asks Toby is the gunman, Rick Murray, said anything before he died. The question shocks Toby, who did not know that Rick had passed away. She is later seen on tv, reporting the story on the evening news.

In Back In Black, she is putting together a story on Sean Cameron. When Rachel reveals that she interviewed Sean's parents, Sean watches their interview, which only ends up angering him when he hears his mother talk about how much she loves him. Sean smashes Rachel's computer on the ground outside, and takes off for Wasaga Beach with Jay, Emma, and Ellie in tow.