Rasha Zuabi
Full Name Rasha Zuabi
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Family Unnamed Aunt
Relationships Zoë Rivas (Girlfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Degrassi Community School
First Episode #BreakTheInternet (1701)
Episode Count 8
Portrayed By Dalia Yegavian

Rasha Zuabi is a new student at Degrassi Community School. Quick-witted and sarcastic, Rasha comes to Degrassi after having relocated from the Middle East, ready to take any and every high school experience. From crushes, to cameos in the school play, this star track and field athlete is constantly pushing boundaries and willing to try anything once. She is best friends with Goldi Nahir, and she is also friends with Grace Cardinal and Winston Chu. She is currently dating Zoë Rivas. She is portrayed by Dalia Yegavian.

Character History

Season 17


Goldi introducing Rasha

In #BreakTheInternet, Rasha make sure her first appearance when Goldi introduces her to Zoë. She tells Zoë that combing the QSA and the prayer room was pretty cool.


In #WorstGiftEver, Rasha scolds Zig that blaming bombings on Muslims, simply because they are, is an insult. She hangs out with Goldi, Zoë, and Winston and she doesn't back Goldi up when she refused to high five Winston. She asks Goldi if they don't follow every single rule to the Quran if they're a bad Muslim, which Goldi's answer is yes. The next day she does not wear her hijab and goes to school. She likes when Goldi fires back at the class after Perrino asks if Goldi has lived here all her life. Goldi tells Rasha she took off her hijab because she wanted to be friends with her, but Rasha understands why she put it back on. The two make up and are friends again.

In #PicsOrItDidntHappen, Rasha auditions for the role of Hero but during the auditions Miles starts laughing and asks Miles should she stop but he tells to continue her audition. In the student council room Rasha is telling Goldi about her audition and the play which Zoë over hears and informs her the play is about Miles and Tristan's relationship. Rasha realizes that's reason why Miles was laughing and wonders if this means she doesn't get the part with Goldi telling her it was a long shot since there was only three roles and many students wanted them. Rasha confronts Miles about him for letting her audition for the wrong role and Miles gives her hopes audition sides so that she could audition for Hope. Rasha after Zoë tells her couldn't play a boy role tells Miles she auditioning for Hero and informs that the feelings Hero feels aren't exclusive to boys and uses her experiences with her best friend in syria. Miles walks up to Rasha thinking about what she said telling her that he will be playing Hero and she will be playing Coma Boy and Rasha is happy that she gets to be in the play.

In #ThatFeelingWhen, Zoë wonders if she is gay. After what Goldi said about being gay is a sin, Zoë and Winston automatically assume she is straight. Winston wants to go on a date with her, but Rasha later reveals to Zoë she is gay.

In #Unsubscribe, Zoë and Rasha are determined to go on their first date, but have to keep it a secret from Goldi. They have tickets to see a sing-along to High School Musical, but Goldi invites herself. They make a plan to fake being sick so that Goldi would have to fill in for student council. The plan works and later they go to the Dot. Baaz is there and the girls hide. Zoë leaves and then Rasha, but she quickly bails after being afraid of being caught. At school, Zoë understands why Rasha bailed and the two kiss. Then, Zoë's mother catches them and both are frightened.

In #Woke, Rasha agrees with Zoë that the bridesmaids dress is hideous. They are almost caught kissing by Goldi and Zoë invites Rasha to the wedding. After getting kicked out of the wedding, Rasha found out that she wasn't welcomed to the wedding and eventually breaks up with Zoë.

Personality & Style

Rasha is introduced as a smart, funny, and witty girl, usually having a comeback to dumb-minded comments about her religion. She is quick to defend her friends and is confident, though, sometimes she can get a little overwhelmed by the new world.

Rasha has a very modernistic preppy "aesthetic" style of clothing, wearing grungy colors often accessorized with an over-sized parka, formerly her hijab, and patches.



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  • Zoë Rivas
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    • First Relationship:
      • Start Up: #ThatFeelingWhen (1706)
      • Break Up: #Woke (1709)
        • Reason: Rasha was upset that Zoë lied to her about her mom being okay with her going to the wedding.
    • Second Relationship:


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