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Rebecca Haines
Birth Name Rebecca Haines
Place of Birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gender Female
Height 5'9
Hair Color Blonde
Occupation(s) Health sociologist, University instructor
Website Rebecca J. Saah
IMDb Rebecca Haines
Twitter @RebeccaSaah
Rebecca Haines-Saah is a former Canadian actress, who was once famous for her role as bitter Kathleen Mead on Degrassi Junior High, and then later Degrassi High. Rebecca grew up in a fostering acting community alongside many peers who shared in her talents. The Degrassi cast and crew became like her family, especially when it came to their support of Rebecca as they were always encouraging her to pursue a long life of education. After Degrassi ended, she starred in the documentary series, along with other former Degrassi castmates in Degrassi Talks. In the episode about abuse, she revealed she was date raped at the age of 17. She reprised her role as Kathleen in 2001 on the series premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Rebecca grew up in Toronto but moved to Vancouver in 2006, where she now teaches a Gender & Health Issues course at the University of British Columbia. She is a health sociologist by training and has a PhD in Behavioural Health Sciences and Addiction from the University of Toronto. She is married to Thomas Saah and has two children with him.


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