The Red Pine Ascent Program for Troubled Teens is a week-long program for troubled teens that is hosted at Degrassi Community School. It is designed to help teens overcome their problems through group therapy and wilderness exercises. The known counselors of the program have been Spirit Bear and Lync. The program was featured during Bust a Move (1) and Bust a Move (2).


Former Campers


Dress Code

The counselors and teens enrolled in the program would wear the standard dress of a Red Pine white shirt, black sweatpants, and a red zip-up hoodie with the logo for Red Pine on the left side.


  • The campers first had do an activity in the Degrassi gym where they had to get out and bundle their sleeping bags in thirty seconds before sitting in a group circle. Until everyone was able to complete this exercise in time, this activity was repeated.
  • Everyone would sit in a group circle, and choose their symbolic rebirth name while talking about their problems.
  • In the gym, the group of campers was shown learning how to put up a tent in order to make shelter for when they would spend a night in the woods.
  • The campers were blindfolded and taken to a remote location in the woods, where they would spend the night. The purpose of the activity is to reflect on their feelings while surviving the night. This exercise was known as their "Solo Quest".
  • The campers would sit in a circle in the woods and would read a letter their parents wrote to them. If they chose to confess any feelings, they would talk to an empty chair, pretending that the person who had hurt them was there.
  • As a trust exercise, there was an option of walking across a wooden beam up in the air while the campers below had control over the ropes that was connected to the person walking.


  • The name is most likely based off RedCliff Ascent, a wilderness treatment program that provides therapy for troubled teens ages 13-17.
  • Peter and Darcy had sex for the first time in their relationship during their retreat.