The conflict between Rick Munro and Kathleen Mead began in the first season of Degrassi Junior High when Kathleen thought that Rick was just a troublemaker. However, it is assumed that they are now on good terms with each other.

Conflict History

Degrassi Junior High Season 1

In Smokescreen, Kathleen, Caitlin, and Susie are trying to get people to sign their petition. Rick comes over signs his name on it. Susie believes that Rick likes Caitlin but Kathleen calls him dumb as a post. Rick comes over the committee meeting and Kathleen asks what is his interest in the environment but Caitlin and Susie let Kathleen to give Rick a chance. At another committee meeting, Caitlin, Susie, and Rick decide to take the petition and go to the factory but Kathleen thinks that it's a stupid idea. Later, Kathleen catches Rick smoking and than she tells everybody at the committee meeting that she saw Rick smoking and that he should be kicked out. This makes Rick upset and he leaves.

Degrassi Junior High Season 2

In Stage Fright, after witnessing Caitlin's epileptic seizure, Kathleen then gossips about Caitlin and Rick overhears. Rick tells Kathleen "Hey Kathleen. Why don't you just shut up?"

In Bottled Up, after discovering Kathleen's home life, Caitlin talks to Rick about it but Rick tells her that it's Kathleen's problem and that she should just butt out. However, Kathleen starts freaking out because she left her sweater at home and Rick lets Kathleen borrow his. After the QFTB wins, Rick walks Kathleen home. He tells her that he wouldn't let anyone walk home alone in the dark, not even her. They talk about their home lives and Rick tells Kathleen that it's good that she takes care of her mom but she also needs to take care of herself too. Later at school, Kathleen gives Rick his sweater back and says to him that she thought about what he said and that she is going to take his advice on about calling Children's Aid.