The conflict between Riley Stavros and Owen Milligan began in the tenth season of Degrassi.

Conflict History


At the beginning of Season 10, Riley and Owen were on good terms. However, when Riley came out, Owen began acting homophobic and they came to dislike each other.

Season 10

In 99 Problems (1), they both take a disliking to Drew and plan to make him pay for his blackmail against Riley.

In 99 Problems (2), Riley and Owen strip Drew of his clothing and tie him to a flagpole and are seen laughing about it. Later, they are both seen next to each other when Audra confronts the team about Drew being hazed.

In Still Fighting It (1), after finding out that Riley is gay, Owen writes "homo" on his locker.

In Still Fighting It (2), Owen writes "Riley is a fag" on the side of a school bus. Riley is angered by it and punches Owen in the nose, resulting in nosebleed.

Season 11

In Take a Bow (1), Anya tells Owen that Riley asked her to prom and Owen rolls his eyes.

In Dead and Gone (2), they are both seen at the same table during prom.