Rose Michalchuk is the mother of Paige and Dylan Michalchuk, and the wife of Jeff Michalchuk. She attended Banting University, and was even on the Spirit Squad there. She is very supportive of both her children and take them for who they are. She has high standards for her children, but not in a cruel way. Instead, she just wants them to be happy and the best they can. She was portrayed by Susan Cuthbert.

Character History

Season 4

Rose Michalchuk

Rose walking with her daughter Paige to the courtroom.

In Ghost in the Machine, she appears when Paige has her court case against Dean Walton for her sexual assault.

Season 6


Rose and her husband.

In Free Fallin' (1), she then is seen in Season 6 at Paige's Thanksgiving party with Mr. Michalchuk, Paige, Dylan, Marco Del Rossi, Marco's parents Mr. Del Rossi and Louisa Del Rossi, Alex Nuñez and her girlfriend, Carla Carlisle. Over dinner, Rose is very open about her high expectations for Paige, who is scared to tell her mother that she is failing.

In Free Fallin' (2), when Alex finds out that Paige is failing out of Banting, she calls Rose and tells her the news. Paige is angry at first that Alex told her mother but later forgives her.