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Sara Waisglass
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Birth Name Sara Waisglass
Date of Birth July 3, 1998 (age 18)
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Swaisglass, Swaisy, Swaiser, Sassy Waisglassy
Height 5'4
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Occupation(s) Actress, Model
IMDb Sara Waisglass
Twitter swaisglass
Sara Waisglass (born July 3, 1998) is a young actress who portrays Frankie Hollingsworth, the younger sister of Miles Hollingsworth, on Degrassi. She is good friends with Sarah Fisher, Ricardo Hoyos, and Ana Golja.


  • Sara is a Cancer.
  • She starred in a mini clip called "Plucking Our Luck"
  • Sara was the youngest Degrassi cast member until production started for Season 14. In that season, Devyn Nekoda, who portrays Arlene Takahashi, became the youngest cast member.
  • She had a summer job in June 2013 before getting the role of Frankie on Degrassi.
  • Her first acting job was a KFC commercial.
  • Her ringtone has been the Kim Possible beep.
  • Her favorite Holiday is New Year's Eve.
  • Andre Kim calls her Sassy Waisglassy.
  • She posts videos of her singing on her YouTube, which has been deleted.
  • She models for "Youth Apparel".
  • She originally auditioned in December 2012 and auditioned for both Zoë Rivas and Grace Cardinal before getting the role of Frankie in May 2013.
  • She is Jewish.
  • She shares her first name with former Degrassi actress, Sara Ballingall.
  • In Season 14, Cleo Tellier is doing her French voice for France and Quebec.
  • She and Alex Steele share the same birthday, but Sara is three years younger.
  • She ships Froë (Frankie and Zoë).
  • Her favorite season is Season 6 because "Ryan Cooley broke (her) heart into a million pieces."


Year Film Role Notes
2008 Watering Mr. Cocoa Amber Short film
2008 Afterwards Tracey
2015 Life Hop girl
Year Title Role Notes
2007 The Jane Show 8 year old Jane 1 episode
2009-2010 Overruled! Jordy Cooper 29 episodes
2013-present Degrassi Frankie Hollingsworth series regular


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