The love triangle between Sav Bhandari, Anya MacPherson, and Riley Stavros developed in the eighth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Anya is the center of this love-triangle.

Love Triangle History

Season 8

In Bad Medicine, Riley decides to ask Anya out to cover for his sexuality. When Riley is gloating about hooking up with Anya in the weight room, Sav glares at him from under his weights he was lifting. Riley notices and asks if he needs him to spot him, but Sav rejects the offer, saying guys shouldn't hook up with their team mate's ex, displaying his jealously. Later, Anya and Riley agree to stay friends because Anya had come to the realization that she isn't over Sav yet. She reveals Sav is the only guy, besides Riley, that she had ever kissed. Looking miserable, Sav watches on as Anya hugs Riley goodbye.

After the game, Sav notices that Riley gets a text message, and assumes it is from Anya. He says if it is from her, then it is his business, saying that their 6 months was worth more than the picnic Riley and her went on. Riley tackles him to the ground and continually punches Sav in the face, breaking Sav's nose, while Anya watches in horror.

In Causing a Commotion, Anya is in disbelief that Riley only had 3 days of suspension for punching Sav. Sav comments that he thought the nose bandage made him look tough.


  • Riley was never attracted to Anya due to his homosexuality, but they remained friends for the remainder of their time on the show.
  • Riley was trying to appear straight by dating a girl.
  • Riley, who hadn't come out at this point, attacked Sav because he called the picnic he and Anya went on "gay".
  • Riley's attack on Sav leads to Sav and Anya reuniting in the next episode, Causing a Commotion.
  • Riley's anger was increased in this episode because he was on steroids, which is why he reacted so harshly to being called gay.
  • Anya and Riley their final appearances in Dead and Gone (2), in which Sav made his final regular appearance.
  • All three graduated in the Class of 2011.


  • Start: Bad Medicine (810)
  • End: Bad Medicine (810)
    • Reason: Anya realized she wasn't over Sav, and didn't feel anything for Riley.


  • Riley decides to ask out Anya.
  • Sav confronts Riley after Riley brags about hooking up with Anya.
  • Riley and Anya go on their first date.
  • Anya and Riley go on their second date, and share a kiss.
  • Anya asks to remain friends since she is not over Sav.
  • Anya and Riley hug goodbye.
  • A jealous Sav watches them say goodbye.
  • Sav confronts Riley about a text message, thinking it was from Anya.
  • Sav calls Riley's picnic gay, which causes Riley to attack him.