The love triangle between Sav Bhandari, Holly J. Sinclair, and Mia Jones began in Season 7. Sav was the center of this love triangle.

Love Triangle History

In It's Tricky, Mia and Holly J. have to share a locker because of Lakehurst being burned in a fire. Mia has her eyes on a new Lakehurst guy, Sav. He appears to show interest in her, too, however, Holly J. is also interested in Sav as well and tells Mia that she doesn't have a chance with Sav. In a debate class, Mia and Holly J. have a heated personal debate during class with Sav in the middle of the action. They frequently insult each other while competing for the affections of Sav. Sav's liking for Mia seems to dissolve slightly.

In an attempt to win him back, Mia apologizes to Sav and the two go to The Dot for a date. However, the next day at school, Mia suggests to Sav that they start hanging out more with each other, and he admits to her that he's not interested in getting involved with anyone at the moment, which leaves Mia heartbroken. Holly J. comes and starts to insult Mia. Mia then grabs Holly J.'s stuff, gives them to her and evicts her from her locker. Holly J. says "You can't evict me!" Mia replies "Oh yeah, watch me."

In Hungry Eyes, Mia learns, after she made a move on Sav, that he is not only a virgin, but that he also has never kissed a girl. Mia agrees that he'll help her on the court and she'll help him off the court. While teaching Sav a lesson on how to treat a girl, they share a passionate kiss and Holly J. sees it. After running into Holly J. in the washroom, Holly J. warns Mia that that may have been his first kiss, but it's not going to be his last. Confused, Mia walks out. After winning the badminton tournament, Mia kisses Sav. He walks away and she tells him that she's only doing what they practiced and that people who like each other show it by PDA. He says that he likes her, but not in that way. It is revealed that he likes Anya. Holly J. tells Mia that they have something in common: they both need men, not boys. 


  • Despite Holly J. and Mia competing for Sav's affections, they both lost to Anya.
  • Holly J. would later date Sav in their senior year.
  • Holly J. and Mia would still remain enemies later on.
  • Holly J., Mia, and Sav were all friends with Anya and Peter.
  • Mia and Sav never dated afterwards.


  • Start: It's Tricky (704)
  • End: Hungry Eyes (709)
    • Reason: It was revealed that Sav liked Anya instead of Holly J. or Mia.