The friendship between Sav Bhandari and Jane Vaughn formed before the seventh season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Friendship History


Jane and Sav appeared to know each other from Lakehurst Secondary School when they were seen carrying on a conversation during their first appearance. However, they didn't spend as much time together on-screen until Jane became a member of his band, Janie and the Studs.

Season 7

In Standing In The Dark (1), Sav and Jane are first shown talking to each other in the cafeteria. Sav gives the seat next to Jane to Manny. Sav says that he and Jane were talking about going snow boarding that weekend.

In Ladies' Night, they both attend the Freedom Fast.

Season 8

In Money for Nothing, Danny and Sav show their support for Jane being on the football team in the locker room.

In Lost In Love (1), Jane asks Sav if he came to decorate the school before their 6:30 AM practice, and Alli reveals it was another unsuccessful attempt to win back Anya. She later invites him to Spinner's congratulatory party for getting into the police academy.

In Lost In Love (2), Sav comments, "At least someone has a sweetheart..," when he sees the bouquet of flowers that Spinner got her, but then adds on, "had a sweetheart.", after Jane throws the flowers away.

In Bad Medicine, Sav and Jane can be seen standing near each other with the other football players.

In Causing a Commotion, Sav, Danny, and Jane are sitting next to each other in the assembly. The three look disgusted with The Shep and walk out on him, along with the rest of the student body.

In Jane Says (2), when Jane isn't at school on time for the football game and an encounter with her brother Lucas, Sav and Danny decide to call her. Jane, however, lies to them and says she has the stomach flu.

Season 9

In Close To Me, Sav and Jane are in the same theater class. Jane also becomes the new leader singer of Stüdz, and they perform together for the first time at Spinner's loft.

In You Be Illin', Jane walks in to tell Sav and Danny that she worked out a harmony for the next day, but stops when she sees Peter, who had been kicked out of the band. Now called, Janie and the Studs, they perform at the showcase at school. Despite Peter's attempts to kick out Jane, he becomes a roadie for the group.

In Wanna Be Startin' Something, Sav is singing to Anya in the cafeteria to win her back, but Jane rolls her eyes and walks away at the display. When Holly J. and Jane are together, Anya, Sav's girlfriend, approaches them, asking Holly J. if she wants to hang out since Sav ditched their plans to watch a soccer game. Jane rudely asks her, "Don't you have any non-Sav interests?"

In Start Me Up, Danny, Jane, and Sav congratulate Peter on getting into college, and tease him about having to get a job since he has never had one before. Later, after Peter turns down meth from Victoria, they decide to let him back into the band.

In Innocent When You Dream, Peter and the rest of the Stüdz to do a music video to "House Arrest" for a contest to cheer Sav up.

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, Janie and the Studs perform for the last time together as school ends, and Sav later attends Jane's graduation. Later, Sav and Danny attend Spinner and Emma's wedding, and they fight over who would be the one to tell Spinner that Jane was there.