The flirtatious friendship between Sav Bhandari and Keke Palmer bloomed in the Season 11 premiere. It was known as a "pick-me-up" by both of them when Sav needed to get over his recent breakup and Keke needed to feel normal for once in her life after being stuck on tour all the time. They had a friendly romance during Spring Break and Keke even considered running away with Sav to leave her tour, but she was found by her body guard. She gave him an note and they skyped later, remaining distant friends.


Season 11

In Spring Fever, a heartbroken Sav insists on spending Spring Break moping over his ex-girlfriend Holly J. Sinclair until a chance encounter with a sexy celebrity lifts him out of his funk. Specifically, he meets Keke Palmer and either does not recognize her or just doesn't know who she is. He asks her out on a date for the following day and she says that she will be busy working and invites Sav to come to the club where she will be working. Sav brings his sister, who is a huge Keke fan. During the concert, Keke brings Sav on stage with her and dances with him.

Later, they chat online and he happens to run into her on the street. She grabs his hand and dashes off with him, seeking an escape from her every day rigmarole. They go to The Dot where they are quickly discovered by her bodyguard. She is forced to leave Toronto to continue her tour, but leaves Sav with an autograph to remember their time together. They are later revealed to have Skyped that night by Alli.


  • They may have both had feelings for each other, but it couldn't have worked anyway with Keke on tour.
  • Keke sang to Sav on stage while Sav wrote a song for Keke.
  • They both are musicians.
  • Keke is the first celebrity to remain distant friends/near relationship with a regular character.
  • Keke brought Sav on stage to sing with her.