The friendship between Mo Mashkour and Sav Bhandari formed in the eleventh season of Degrassi. It is also known as Mav (Mo/Sav). This friendship started in Lose Yourself (1). It is unknown if the two are still friends as they have not talked onscreen since Dead and Gone (1).

Friendship History

Season 11

In Lose Yourself (1), Mo meets Sav and is competing against him to write a theme song for the school play. Later he is jealous that Ms. Oh is picking Sav's song over his, so he steals Sav's iPod and says he will give it back if Sav makes him the co-composer of the song. Sav doesn't go for it, but then Mo sings a song that Sav wrote about his crush and says he will sing it to everyone if he doesn't make him the co-composer. Sav finally agrees and Mo walks away satisfied. In Lose Yourself (2), Mo encourages Sav to go after Ms. Oh while working on their score for "Love Roulette". Later in the day, Mo and Sav are supposed to meet with Ms. Oh to figure out with parts of the play need score. Sav finds out that Mo skipped out on the meeting and sent Ms. Oh the "Oh Girl" song. Sav finds Mo in the hallway, and Mo tells Sav that he only did it so that Sav would have a chance with her. Mo then offers Sav tickets to a concert and he agrees to go. At the concert, Mo suggests that Sav find another girl to go after to get over Ms. Oh. As they're trying to find cute girls, they see Ms. Oh at the concert and try to avoid her as much as possible. As they're trying to go by her, Sav walks into her. Mo ditches him, saying that he wants stories. The next day, Mo and Sav talk about what went on between Sav and Ms. Oh.

In Don't Panic (2), When the results of the school election are about to be announced, Mo mentions to Sav that he's about to see "how bad he lost" to Katie.

In Dead and Gone (1), Mo is seen congratulating Sav for making a move on Ms. Oh.