The relationship between Sean Cameron and Amy Peters-Hoffman is known as Seamy (Sean/Amy). It began in the third season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Relationship History


Months after his break up with Emma Nelson, Sean moved on to Amy. He most likely met her through his new friendship with Jay Hogart and Jay's girlfriend, Alex Nuñez, as Amy was the best friend of Alex. The two were not together for long since Amy had apparently dumped Sean for "some guy she met at motocross" shortly into their relationship. Sean moved on very quickly to Ellie Nash, whom he met during a Saturday detention, which Amy expressed jealousy over when she found out about Sean's new relationship.

Season 3

In This Charming Man, the two are obnoxiously flirting in math class, and even kiss during class, before Darryl Armstrong interrupts them, forcing them apart. They are seen hanging around each other when the gang is present in the episode.

In Accidents Will Happen (2), Sean reveals that Amy broke up with him the prior weekend, as she met someone else at a motocross race.

In Our House, Amy is jealous over Sean's new relationship with Ellie, and calls Ellie a "bloodless freak bag". Alex laughs at her, saying Amy is the one that broke up with Sean in the first place. In shop class, she tries to exclusively invite herself over to Sean's apartment sometime, but he in turn invites all of his friends. At a party at Sean's house, Amy glares jealously at Ellie and Sean dancing together. She begins to keep talking to Sean, beginning to invoke Ellie's anger. While drunk, Amy hits on Sean, but expresses that he doesn't like her anymore, to which Sean replies that she dumped him. Ellie confronts Amy about hitting on her boyfriend, and Amy finally backs off.


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