Sean Bell, (Born In Toronto, Ontario, Canada . December 22, 1970) is a Canadian Actor who portrayed K.C. Guthrie's dad, Kevin Guthrie, during season 12 of Degrassi, in the episodes Rusty Cage (1) and Rusty Cage (2). He has also made appearances in the T.V. shows Power Play, Total Recall 2070, Mutant X, Tracker,
Mr. bell

Sean Bell

Adventures Inc, Blue Murder, Metropia, 1-800-Missing, Paradise Falls
in which he co-starred in some episodes with Former Degrassi actor Cameron Graham. He also made appearances in the T.V. shows Puppets Who Kill, Bionic Woman, The L Word, Psych, XIII: The Series, Suits, Bomb Girls, Heartland, Nikita, Copper and Warehouse 13. He's also appeared in the movies To Love, Honor & Betray, The Contract, Who Killed Atlanta's Children ?, One Kill, The Uncles, The Moving of Sophia Myles, Jewel, Crossed Over, Bullet Proof Monk, Against the Ropes, Devil's Perch, Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon, Storm Seekers