Sean in Prison is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the second series of minisodes airing in the sixth season. It takes place during his time in prison, between the episodes Here Comes Your Man (2) and True Colours.



The mini starts off with Sean Cameron inwardly reading his journal entry. He says when he first arrived in prison, he was pissed, feeling that he had gotten the short end of the stick, that nothing was his fault, including the incidents with Tyler Bishop, who he deafened in one ear, the situation with Rick Murray, and the hit-and-run with the pedestrian. Sean feels that it was all stuff that had happened to him, not stuff that he had did. He decides that he has two choices: continue being a sucker in his own life or he could take responsibility. He decides that he can change. While Sean is reading his thoughts, time passes for Sean, and we see him thinking, putting his journal down, sleeping, being told he has one phone call, and exercising. He says that the guys in the jail's auto shop really know what they are doing, and that he is keeping healthy and staying in shape.

He writes that when he gets out of jail, he is going to open an auto shop, and isn't going to mess around anymore. He pulls out a photo of Emma Nelson from his journal and stares at it, saying that he is going to do better and that things will be different. While he is still looking at the photo of Emma, the lights shut off in his cell, as it was time for bed. While he is in bed, another prisoner calls him "pretty boy", and whispers that tomorrow in the food line they are going "to teach him a few lessons", insinuating that they are going to beat him. Sean speaks aloud that things will be different.


  • Sean keeps a picture of Emma Nelson with him during his time in prison.
  • He is in prison with charges of hitting a pedestrian and fleeing the scene.
  • The photo of Emma is from the season 5 episode, Our Lips Are Sealed (2).



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Degrassi Mini- Sean In Prison

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