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Shay-Esme Conflict
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General Information
Nickname Shasme, Esmay
Intimacy Level Rivals
Conflict Started #WorstGiftEver (1703)
Conflict Status Rivals

The conflict between Shay Powers and Esme Song started in #WorstGiftEver

Conflict History

Season 15

In #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness, Esme and Miles are searing the girls locker room for pills. She says they're looking for someone who is uptight, she then asks if Milea has seen Shay's bag anywhere.

Season 17

In #WorstGiftEver, Shay and Esme are both part of the girls Degrassi Cross Country team. Shay is upset that Esme is beating her during the practice run. When Shay gets her period, Esme makes snide comments about her getting her period. Shay is with Frankie in the girls locker room and plans to get back at Esme. during biology class Shay puts red on Esme seat to get back at Esme for embarrassing her and Esme yells at Shay for ruining her skirt. Shay later apologises to Esme and Esme gives her a box of diapers. Later Tiny congratulates Shay after the race, Esme makes a snide comment to Shay and Shay doesn't let it phase her.

In #WorstGiftEver, During a game of "Never Have I Ever", Esme decides to play "Truth or Dare", and dares Tiny to do seven minutes in heaven with Shay, but Shay feels uncomfortable doing it, so Esme dares Tiny do with Lola asking Shay if she had a problem but Shay doesn't let Esme words get to her and allows Tiny and Lola to do it. Esme is later makes comments to Shay that she isn't meeting Tiny's needs and how Shay thinks better than her which causes Shay out of anger calls Esme easy and leaves.


  • Shay's boyfriend, Tiny, has a dislike for Esme.
  • Esme has a conflict with Shay's former friend Zoë Rivas.

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