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Full Name Sherman
Gender Male
Job Lawyer
First Episode Purple Pills (1) (1021)
Last Episode In the Cold, Cold Night (1) (1144)
Reason He was no longer needed
Episode Count 3
Portrayed By Judah Katz
Sherm was Fiona's lawyer in the trial against Bobby. He helped Fiona when her mother was under house arrest. He was portrayed by Judah Katz.

Character History

Season 10

In Purple Pills (1), he appears with Fiona's mom to let Fiona know that they will be bringing in Bobby to court.

In Chasing Pavements (1), he is seen in court. When Tinsley is being asked a question, it takes a 3 seconds for her to answer. The question was "did you ever feel abused by Bobby" and she said no. Sherm then asked her is anything wrong and she responds that she slapped her once, but then looks like she regrets saying that and says it didn't hurt at all. Thanks to that, Fiona has won the trial.

Season 11

Degrassi nov16th ss 1041
He appears in In the Cold, Cold Night when Fiona returns home. He was the one who let the authorities in. He explains to Fiona the situation the Coyne family is currently in.

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