Sir Excellence is a Realm of Doom user account run by Hunter Hollingsworth

Character History

Season 13

In How Bizarre, Sir Excellence makes his first appearance when he saves Becky Baker's character on Realm of Doom, warding off a group of pkers (player killers) and then gives her a healing potion and offers to help her cross the mountains. She asks if it's a date and he says yes. Sir Excellence and Becky go somewhere special in the game and he shows her his secret hideaway. He gives Becky flowers and they kiss. Sir Excellence strips his character down to his underwear and Becky does the same with her character. After that, their characters make out.

In My Hero, Becky discovers that Sir Excellence is Hunter Hollingsworth's screenname. She decides to break things off with him through Realm of Doom, which Hunter does not take well. He confronts Becky at school, and asks for various items back that he had given to her.