Sirina was a student who attended Degrassi Community School in Season 6. She had a dispute with Alex Nuñez due to a grudge she held against Alex for bullying her a few years ago. Sirina is a part of the girls' lacrosse team. She was portrayed by Greta Onieogou. During season 6 - 7, she was a freshman in high school. She graduated in the class of 2013.

Character History

Season 6

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Sirina laughing after throwing a carrot at Alex.

In Working for the Weekend, while Alex is studying, she and her friends are loudly laughing, breaking Alex's concentration. Alex tells them to be quiet, and Sirina wishes her luck with trying to graduate before she is 30. Alex asks if she even knows her and tries to resume studying, before Sirina throws a baby carrot at her. Alex threatens her, but Sirina throws yet another carrot at her anyway. Alex gets in her face, before deciding to leave instead of fighting her.

Sirina in her lacrosse uniform.

Sirina is a part of the lacrosse team coached by Mrs. Hatzilakos. When Alex joins the team, she recognizes Sirina and calls her "Baby Carrots", but Sirina coldly passes her off. During their first game, Alex scores a goal, which seems to bother her.

After the game, Alex tries to talk to her, and Sirina is surprised she finally remembered her name. Alex tells her that Mrs. Hatzilakos told her and that they need to get along. Sirina walks away, and Alex yells after her that she is trying to be nice. Sirina tells her that she isn't fooling anyone and that she is a hateful bitch. Alex pushes her before she is called into Mrs. Hatzilakos's office.

Later, she is standing outside the school on the front steps, and Alex approaches her, holding a bag of carrots, offering them as a peace offering. Sirina questions if she really doesn't remember, and Alex responds again with the fact that she doesn't even know her. Sirina tells her two years ago she almost blinded her with a laser pointer during her first and last debate. She also tripped her on the way to the cafeteria, spraining her ankle, making her quit the team. Alex tells her it wasn't personal, but Sirina says that she was a real person and made her life hell. She walks away, leaving Alex looking upset.


  • "You're a hateful bitch, Alex, and that's all you're ever going to be."
  • "You made my life hell, and the worst part is that you don't even remember doing it."