Six Months is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the third season of minisodes, that aired in the seventh season. This mini takes place exactly 6 months after J.T. Yorke's death.



It is exactly 6 months after the night when J.T. was murdered. Liberty brings flowers and a candle, placing them on the spot where J.T. was stabbed. Toby appears and calls her name, completely scaring her. She yells at him for sneaking up on her while she is mourning, and he apologizes, but says she should have called him so they could have done this together. Liberty says that she didn't think that anyone would remember, and she tells Toby that although it's been 6 months, his death still seems fresh. Mia appears, saying she feels that way as well, and tells Liberty that she doesn't know what finding him felt like, but it wouldn't have been easy.

Danny, Derek, Manny, and Emma appear, which surprises Liberty that they remembered. Paige also appears, laying flowers down by the candle. Paige tells the group that she hopes that they don't mind her presence, saying she was at school and couldn't come back for the funeral, but she had to come. Toby tells her J.T. would have been glad that she was there, and Paige tells everyone that he was a big part of her growing up, saying he'd become quite a man. She apologizes to Liberty, but Liberty tells her that she doesn't have to be because he was loved, which is what was important. Everyone walks away, but Danny turns back, and leaves J.T.'s penis pump by the candle and flowers.


  • Danny leaves J.T.'s penis pump from season 4 episode Mercy Street with the flowers.
  • J.T. was found at exactly 11:47 P.M.


  • Paige: "Little fetus was a big part of my growing up, but he'd become quite a man."
  • Liberty: "Guys, what are you doing here?"
    Manny: "We remember, Liberty."
    Emma: "We had to be here."



Degrassi Mini 302 - Six Months03:47

Degrassi Mini 302 - Six Months

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