Smash Into You (1) is the fortieth episode of Season 11 of Degrassi. It aired on April 13, 2012.


Dave's efforts to get Alli back are stalled when the girl he cheated on Alli with shows up. With Katie out, Marisol is forced to pair with Mo. Adam has a secret admirer.

Main Plot

Dave is desperate to get Alli back, who wants nothing to do with him. Dave joins the Model UN and surprises Alli by setting everything up. She agrees to finally talk with Dave, which leads to them making out and getting back together. Meanwhile, Dave’s former summer fling Jacinta is constantly texting him, wanting to get back together. He blocks her on all social media sites, and when she calls him, Dave tells her to never call him again. Dave and Alli greet all of the students from other schools who arrive at Degrassi for the Model UN, and Dave comes face to face with Jacinta again.

Sub Plot

Katie’s recovering from knee surgery, which means Marisol will have to find a new partner for the Model UN. Mr. Perino assigns Mo to be her partner, which she reluctantly accepts. Mo and Marisol get into an argument over the Model UN issue, which leads Mo to stick gum in Marisol’s hair. Katie and Drew think that Mo might have a crush on Marisol, who isn’t interested in Mo because of his weight.

Third Plot

Adam finds a love note in his book bag, but tears it up because he thinks it’s a prank. One of his fears is skateboarding, so he hits up Degrassi’s skate park after school, where he’s approached by Tori. She asks him a bunch of questions about relationships, which leads him to believe she might be his secret admirer despite dating Zig. Adam keeps an eye on his locker from afar and catches Tori putting a note in his locker. She tells him her friend has a crush on him, and Adam agrees to go on a double date with Tori, Zig and her friend.

  • The title of this episode is named after the song "Smash Into You" by Beyonce Knowles.
  • Jahmil French (Dave) is nominated for a Canadian screen award for his performance in this episode.
  • The first marks the first appearance of Jacinta.
  • This marks the beginning of Dave and Alli's second relationship.
  • This marks Dave and Alli's first on-screen kiss.
  • Adam reveals that he is afraid of skateboarding.
  • Marisol was shown to have a crush on an extra senior named Ben.

  • Drew about Jacinta sarcastically: "Are you going to assassinate her, Dave?"

  • "Wanna Ride" by Dirty Radio - Heard when Dave and Alli make out in his car.
  • "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams - Heard when Adam and Drew sing along to Dave's radio in his car.
  • "Sheriff" by The Strumbrellas