Smash Into You (2) is the forty-first episode of Season 11 of Degrassi. It aired on April 20, 2012.

Main Plot

Jacinta confronts Dave in front of Alli during the Model UN, and Dave is forced to tell Alli about him and Jacinta hooking up. He tells Alli that Jacinta is stalking him but everything will be okay. However, that still doesn't ease Alli's fears. Dave secretly talks to Jacinta and invites her to meet up outside, and they go for a drive. She thinks they’re getting back together, but Dave tells her he’s driving her to the train station to get her away from him and Alli. Jacinta doesn't understand what she did to cause Dave to stop talking to her, and he says them hooking up was a mistake. She grabs Dave’s phone and jumps out of the car at a stoplight, running off to send Alli breakup messages (which Alli freaks out over back at the Model UN). Dave catches up with Jacinta, and as they continue to argue Jacinta walks into traffic without looking and gets hit by a car. Dave returns to Degrassi, where Alli is waiting to chew him out. Dave tells her about the accident, and though Alli tries to comfort him, Dave still feels guilty because the doctors don’t know if Jacinta will ever walk again.

Sub Plot

Marisol plans to tell Mo that she’s not interested, but when she finds him he’s in the middle of taking her Model UN solution of having a benefit concert and expanding on it by creating a song to go along with it. Marisol starts to develop a crush on Mo, but she’s hurt and storms off when she finds out he doesn‘t feel the same way. Later, Mo tells her he’s never had feelings for her because he felt she was out of his league. Marisol tells Mo that she doesn't believe in leagues, and the two share a kiss.

Third Plot

Adam shows up to the date to find out his secret admirer is Tristan. Tori assumed that Adam’s LGBT pin meant that he was gay, but he informs them that he’s transgender. Tristan feels embarrassed, but Adam share’s his past dating disasters and encourages Tristan to keep trying. Adam also finds out that Tristan is Owen's little brother, after Tristan told him that his brother got suspended for throwing someone into a door.

  • This episode is named after the song "Smash Into You" by Beyonce Knowles.

  • Marisol: "If we judged less and loved more, the world would be a better place."

  • "Mayday" by Sweetheart
  • "Something I Need" by Carosel