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Smithdale University is a fictional (for Degrassi) Canadian college, representing York University.

  • A view of Smithdale's campus.
  • Dramatic Arts Theatre Centre entrance.
Scenes were filmed at York University. Several scenes for the two-part spring break special, Bust a Move (1) and Bust a Move (2), were filmed at locations on the Keele campus, including the Science and Engineering Building, Campus Walk and Accolade East. The Underground Restaurant provided a rest facility for the cast and crew.

The Smithdale logo is identical to the York logo- a red square with a letter in the upper-right hand corner, except the U is turned into an S.

Manny Santos applies there for their theater department, lead by Iris Dunwoody (portrayed by Shirley Douglas). A concert is also held there during Spring Break in Bust a Move (2).


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