Somebody is the tenth episode of Season 9 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on November 8, 2009 in Canada, and on February 5, 2010 in the United States.


Holly J. and Declan are now in a relationship. Meanwhile, Dave and Connor's friendship weakens as Dave's popularity drops.

Main Plot

Holly J. and Declan are now an official couple, but she has a hectic schedule while Declan is the relaxed bad boy type. School president, part-time job and busy babysitter, her life will become more demanding as she short-lists for the management internship. Declan encourages her to play politics and mention that she's dating him, as his mother in on the committee to decide who gets the position. This initially seems to backfire, as it could show favoritism on her part, but she declares that she'll drop out if it seems like she might be disqualified despite having the best portfolio. This dedication ultimately wins her the position, but being caught with her shirt open next to Declan raises yet another scandal. Both mothers forbid the children from seeing each other, but they sneak into the school after hours. Declan likes the idea of sneaking around, but Holly J. only wants to be open about their relationship. They are caught on the school's cameras, and once again confronted by their mothers, but this time they protest against their family and insist they will keep seeing each other.

Sub Plot

Dave and Connor's friendship is strained as Dave tries to improve his popularity among the basketball team. After seeing one of the other players openly mock him, though, Dave stands up for Connor. When he learns that Connor has been keeping statistics all year, he shows them to the coach and gets a very indirect form of revenge.

  • This episode is named after the song "Somebody" by Byran Adams.
  • Holly J.'s middle name is revealed to be Jeanette.
  • Charlotte Arnold (Holly J.) won a Gemini award for her performance in this episode.

  • School Marquee: "Women Mentors to Leaders Awards"

  • "Everything Under The Sun" by Cadence Grace
  • "Atlantic Boulevard" by Invasions
  • "The One For Me" by Paper Moon
  • "We Are" by Tupelo Honey - Heard at the end of the episode.