Sophia Rosen is a reporter who interviewed Zoë Rivas about her trial, Rivas v. Baker and Martin.

Character History

Season 13

In Believe (1), she is one of the reporters outside of the school that was trying to get Zoë's attention. She asks her if she would like to comment that her claims against Luke Baker and Neil Martin were fabricated, and Zoë answers that they are guilty, which she is going to prove. Before the trial, Zoë's lawyer advises her not to speak to any media since it might influence the jury's opinion of her, but Zoë chooses not to listen to him and arranges to meet Sophia to tell her side of the story. Sophia acts as though she is for Zoë and says how the boys hurt her and to give her all the details.

Despite seeming sympathetic, she ends up writing a negative article about Zoë, claiming she lied about being raped since she didn't want be labelled as a slut, which is used against her in court. In a nightmare, Zoë sees Sophia and other reporters standing over her, and Sophia says, "It sure looks like consent to me" while Zoë screams in horror.

In Believe (2), she is seen outside when Zoë comes out and yells at her saying that she ruined her life and smashes her laptop.