The friendship between Spinner Mason and Terri MacGregor is known as "Sperri" (Spinner/Terri). It began before the first season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Friendship History


The friendship between Spinner and Terri began sometime prior to the start of the series. The two fell into the popular crowd in high school and often hungout at the same parties and after school events. In grade 8, they had developed feelings for eachother, but Terri was too self-concious of her weight to act on her feelings, giving the jealous Paige a way to ruin her chances and get Spinner to herself. When Terri began a relationship with Rick Murray, Spinner was unhappy with the way he treated her. When he tried to help her, Terri became angry with him. There friendship was mended after Terri ended her relationship with Rick, but was torn again when she took Rick back. After Rick put Terri into a coma, Spinner attacked him, for what he did to his friend. Spinner also visted Terri in the hospital, and it is believed that they remained friends after she transfered schools.

Season 1

In Eye of the Beholder, Terri is insecure about her weight, but Spinner shows an interest in her by asking her for her notes, which he clearly does not need. Spinner asks Terri to the school dance, she makes up an excuse that she has to do chores. While drunk, Terri sees Spinner and dances with him wildly, twirling around in circles and pumping her fists while drunkenly telling him her true feelings (after being convinced by Paige Michalchuk, who liked Spinner, that she should drink). Terri finally becomes dizzy and falls to the ground, then runs to the washroom and vomits. The next day, she finds out that Spinner was turned off because of her behavior the previous night.

Season 2

In Mirror in the Bathroom, Spinner and Hazel Aden congratulate Terri on becoming a plus-sized model. When Terri wants to cancel her photo shoot because Mohammed mocked her, she and Spinner have a heart to heart. Spinner says that Terri's really pretty, and that some guys prefer girls like her, with a figure.

Season 3

In Don't Dream It's Over, Spinner sees Rick Murray a few days after he put Terri in a coma. He spots Rick in the car and tells him to get out of there and almost punches him, but Paige stops him. Rick's mom comes out and they leave. Spinner then rushes out, and he and Paige start crying. Spinner and Paige visit Terri and her dad apologizes for what he said to them, saying he was "way out of line" the previous day, and assures them that they are good friends. They look at her in the bed, and the episode ends.

In I Want Candy, Spinner, Paige, and Ashley Kerwin visit Terri in the hospital.

Rival Relationship