Spirit Bear is a counselor at the Red Pine Ascent Program for Troubled Teens. Through various exercises, she helped Darcy Edwards conquer her inner turmoil that was caused by her rape. She was portrayed by Leanne Poirier Greenfield.

Character History

Season 7

In Bust a Move (1), she introduces herself and her co-worker, Lync, to Darcy. She explains that the camp is a week long and helps its campers discover new ways to deal with their issues.

After Darcy begs her parents to leave, Spirit Bear leads Darcy over to where the rest of the campers are sitting (other notable campers being Johnny and Peter). She confiscates personal items and their shoes, while explaining the activities of the camp.

She and Linc do an activity in the Degrassi gym where the campers have to get out and bundle their sleeping bags in thirty seconds before sitting in a group circle.

When Darcy fails to complete this activity, she talks back to Spirit Bear, who makes the entire group repeat the activity again.

Later, they have everyone sit in a group circle and choose their symbolic rebirth name while telling their problem. She asks Johnny, Peter, and Darcy even though Darcy refuses to talk and doesn't take the confessions seriously.


Darcy asks Spirit Bear for help.

In Bust a Move (2), Spirit Bear blindfolds the campers and leads each individual camper to their spot where they will spend the night in the wood, putting the skills they learned the previous day to the test.

Darcy tries to ask her for help, but Spirit Bear tells her to start listening and learn to deal with the problems within herself. The next day when Darcy makes it back to the group camp on time, Spirit Bear compliments her.

When Darcy questions how her parents' letter to her is supposed to make her feel better, Spirit Bear uncovers through Darcy's response that something happened to her.

She tells Darcy to talk a chair and to imagine that the char is the person that she is angry at. She thanks Darcy after she is finally able to admit that she was raped.


She smiles as Darcy made it across the beam.

In the last activity, she makes Darcy walk across a wooden beam up in the air, which would help her learn to trust those around her, as the other campers have control of the ropes that would keep her from falling.

Spirit Bear watches onward as Darcy decides to walk across the beam, offering words of encouragement to her.

When Darcy makes it across, she smiles and claps with the others, cheering on Darcy's progress.