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Spotz the Panther is the mascot of Degrassi Community School. J.T. Yorke was spotted being in Spotz's costume most of the time during pep rallies and basketball games. Following J.T., Alex Nuñez participated in school as the Spotz mascot. Manny Santos was Spotz for a short time because of her fight with Paige. After J.T.'s death, Derek Haig and Danny Van Zandt shared the responsibility of being Spotz. Marisol later made Tori Santamaria mascot for being late to a cheerleading practice. Later in the episode we soon find out Zig Novak took the spot so that Tori could be a cheerleader. Zig is currently Spotz.

Who Has Been Spotz


  • Manny Santos as Spotz mascot DegrassiGo to
  • Tori Santamaria MascotGo to
  • Tori as Spotz with MayaGo to
  • Alex as Spotz mascot on blood drive in gymnastic hallGo to
  • Alex has on head SpotzGo to
  • Go to
  • Tori Has mascot head pantherGo to

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