The friendship between Stephanie Kaye and Erica Farrell began in The Big Dance when the girls were with Lucy Fernandez and Heather Farrell drinking before the school dance. They were friends all the way until Steph eventually moved schools.

Friendship History

In The Big Dance, the girls drank before the dance with Lucy and Heather. While at the dance, Erica, Lucy, and Heather were trying to help Stephanie while she was vomiting from being too drunk. Since she was too drunk, she could not make the speech she had to give at the dance, so her ex-bestfriend (at the time) Voula Grivogiannis gave it in her place.


  • They both attended Degrassi Junior High from 1986 to 1988 before Stephanie transferred to a private school.
  • They were both boy-crazy.
  • Stephanie was also friends with Erica's twin sister, Heather.
  • They both drank alcohol, but only Stephanie got intoxicated.
  • They both have a sibling: Stephanie's younger brother Arthur Kobalewscuy and Erica's twin sister Heather.
  • They both made their first appearances in Kiss Me, Steph.