The friendship between Stephanie Kaye and Voula Grivogiannis started sometime before Kiss Me, Steph, the episode in which Voula ended their friendship. Voula later forgave Stephanie in Best Laid Plans, before she moved, so they left off on good terms.

Friendship History

Degrassi Junior High Season 1

In Kiss Me, Steph, the two girls go to the bathroom upon arriving at school. Stephanie changes her clothes into something "sexier" and Voula doesn't like how her friend is making herself appear. Stephanie also decides runs for president with help from Voula and Joey Jeremiah. When she won, the only person she thanked was Joey who only advised her to give kisses to guys for votes. Voula ended their friendship.

In The Big Dance, Voula sneaks out to the dance that her father disagrees to, and makes a speech that Stephanie is too drunk to make.

Later on in the first season of the series, Steph tries to reconcile many times with Voula who isn't interested. In Best Laid Plans, they finally do become friends again just to end on good terms with each other.


  • Voula did not approve of Stephanie's campaign to win presidency or her new looks.
  • They're both friends with Lucy Fernandez.
  • Both left Degrassi before graduating: Voula moved away and Stephanie transferred to a private school.
  • They had the first friendship to be broken apart in Degrassi History.
  • They both made their first appearances in Kiss Me, Steph.


  • Voula: "You're just a baby, a selfish baby. You're on your own Miss President, you and your new image." - Kiss Me, Steph 
  • Stephanie: "Voula! I did it! I asked Wheels to a movie and he said yes!"  
  • Voula: “This is my lucky day. The school president discussed her love life with me. Excuse me. I’ve gotta go write this down before I forget the details."
  • Stephanie: "Voula, how long are you gonna drag this out? I've apologized 1,000 times for not thanking you during the election and for not giving my speech at the dance!" - Best Laid Plans
  • Stephanie: "My mom was really furious. She lectured me for like hours about lying to her and stuff."
  • Voula: "Wow."
  • Stephanie: "I'm grounded for two weeks. I can’t even go over to your house."
  • Voula: "Ouch." - Best Laid Plans