Steve Patel is a young man who is assumedly married (engaged in the episode) to a girl named Angie. He had his bachelor party the same night as Drew Torres. He is portrayed by Shaun Shetty.

Character History

Season 12

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, he was first seen along with Drew, getting lap dances from strippers on stage, and his friends were cheering him on. Afterwards, he introduces Drew to his family and friends that are with him. He tells Drew that his fiance and his mother are out and Drew tells him that Bianca and his mother do not get along. He tells Steve that Audra doesn't know that he's even getting married, and Steve says that he tells his mom everything and says that his mom would disown him if he eloped behind her back. He then wishes Drew good luck and Drew realizes that he needs his mother at the wedding.