Talia was a student at Degrassi Community School. She was good friends with Harry, and friends with Eli Goldsworthy and Maya Matlin. Talia was often seen doing drugs and partying, giving her somewhat of a "burnout" appearance. She was portrayed by Ana Corina Bizim.


Season 12

Talia made her first appearance in Ray of Light (1). She was walking up the steps of Degrassi when Eli stopped her to ask a question for the video yearbook. Talia responds by claiming she doesn't know where she'll be in ten years but does know where she'll be that night. She then hands Eli an invitation to a secret party. At the party, she "helps" Eli by giving him MDMA.

In Ray of Light (2), she walks up the steps of Degrassi while Clare and Eli are talking and hands him his shirt. She asks if he is still coming down from the last night leading Clare to ask questions. In Eli's shirt, she hid a small bag of more pills.

In Zombie (1), she parties and gets drunk with Maya and Harry. She records Maya ranting about Cam and making out with Harry on Maya's phone.


  • She attends high school parties (despite thinking they are stupid) and takes MDMA.
  • Talia is good friends with Harry, and recently befriended Eli and Maya.
  • She was shown to have an attraction to Eli.
  • She might have been seen again as an extra.


  • (To Eli): "I have no idea. But I know where I'll be tonight." (First line)
  • (To Eli): "And my name's Talia, camera boy."
  • (To Eli): "Show me your tongue."
  • (To Eli): "If you want it, you know where to find me."
  • (To Eli): "Still coming down?"
  • Maya: "What kind of party is this anyways?"
    Talia: "A LOSER PARTY!"
    Harry: "Yeah, is that why you came?"
    Talia: "I came because you made me!"
  • Maya: "So are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?"
    Harry: "Talia and I are just good friends."
    Talia: "I would prefer allies in a contradictory world."
  • (To Harry and Maya): "Why do we keep coming to these stupid high school parties? I mean, if we were teenagers in Israel, we would be training for the army or something."
  • (Filming Harry and Maya kissing): "Don't mind me..."
  • Maya: "I'm Maya, Harry right?"
    Harry: "All day and everywhere!"
    Maya laughs.
    Talia: "You did not just use that line again."
    Harry: "Hey, Maya laughed!"
    Talia: "Yeaaah. But most girls don't."