Shout (Season 2, Episodes 7 & 8)

Paige gets raped at a party that she ditched a date with Spinner for. She blames herself completely for it.

J.T. & Toby disagree with how the other one treats their shared locker. They try to settle their differences.

Terri, Paige, & Hazel plan to compete in a music competition.

Liberty does her class project on J.T., showing some embarrassing photos of him in her slideshow. He is insulted and makes fun of Liberty, which does not go over well.

The three girls start practicing; Paige is not happy with the song. She goes to Ashley's house to get her to join the band. She wants the song to mean something. Ashley agr
Shout (1) 207

J.T. & Liberty get into an argument. They both get so frustrated that when J.T. tells Liberty she is not fun, she grabs the marker he is holding and draws graffiti on his locker and leaves in a huff.

Mr. Raditch disciplines J.T. for writing the graffiti. Toby tells Liberty that J.T.'s mother will send him to private school.

Hazel comes in while the others are practicing and tells she lost her voice. Paige tells Ashley that she is singing solo; Ashley is excited and sings the song that Paige disapproves of.

Ashley confronts Paige about the song and Paige breaks down. Ashley now understands why Paige can't play the new version.

Liberty confesses to the graffiti and she has to scrub it off with a toothbrush.

The girls are going to compete and use Ashley's original lyrics. Paige sees Dean in the audience and, after hesitating, starts to sing the new version that she had disapproved of before.

Liberty and J.T. share a moment.

Paige is ready to talk to Mrs. Suave.

Pride (Season 3, Episodes 4 & 5)

Marco & Ellie are going to the beach with Paige, Spinner, Jimmy, & Hazel. Paige introduces Marco to her older brother, Dylan. They both smile at each other. When they get to the beach, Spinner makes a gay comment and Dylan looks offended.

Snake is sick and Spike does not want Jack to catch his cold. Emma complains about the baby and the dripping hot water heater. Snake plans to put foam down to stop the dripping. He uses a razor blade to cut the tape off the foam, but winds up making a gash in his thumb. Spike tells Snake he can't stay in the house if he is sick. He arranges to stay at Joey's for the weekend.

Ellie is tired of pretending to be Marco's girlfriend. The group has a blast playing volleyball, except for Ellie, who reads on the sidelines.

Snake arrives at Joey's; Craig is less than thrilled.

Dylan asks Paige about Marco. He is disappointed when she tells him that Marco is going out with Ellie. Paige, Hazel & Dylan comment on some guys who are running on the beach. Spinner overhears them and says that that is disgusting.

Snake and Craig are playing a snowboarding video game. Snake beats Craig and stands up, only to get dizzy and collapse onto the couch. His nose starts to bleed. He says he is just overstimulated and it's not worth telling Spike about because she would just worry over nothing.

Spinner tells Marco to go sit with Ellie. She tells the group that her & Marco broke up. He walks away; Dylan follows him onto the rocks.

At school the next day, Spinner and Paige discuss Ellie and Marco. Spinner cannot believe Marco could be gay. Marco is wearing a hockey jersey. Spinner asks him about a football trade, but Marco thinks he is talking about hockey. This proves that Marco doesn't know about sports. While Dylan & Marco are talking, Jay walks in and calls Dylan "Homochuk." He leaves.

Craig talks to Emma about Snake being sick; he thinks it is more than a cold.

Spinner sees Marco talking to a group of girls and being more like a girl with them. In class, Spinner talks to Marco about Ellie and convinces him to go on a date with Hazel.

Snake's wound does not clot well. Emma asks him if there is anything wrong. He says he is fine. She is concerned. She leaves and he calls the doctor to schedule an appointment for that day.

Marco & Hazel go on a double date with Spinner & Paige. It seems to be going well. Marco is getting drinks for the table and Ellie walks in. Hazel walks up to him and touches his arm. Ellie rolls her eyes. They go back to the table. Marco leaves suddenly. He and Ellie stare at each other for a second.

Snake is in the doctor's office, having just given blood. The doctor says he needs to do more tests; he thinks Snake has blood cancer.

Spinner runs after Marco and confronts him about what just happened. Marco tells Spinner that he is gay. Spinner walks past him. Marco goes up to Spinner at school and wants to talk about what he told him. Spinner plays dumb, so Marco has to come out and say it. Spinner tells Marco that he might have told people, but he might not have. Ellie is sure Spinner didn't tell anyone. Craig and Jimmy tell Marco and Ellie about Paige's surprise 16th birthday party. Marco is relieved Spinner did not tell them about Marco being gay.

Emma asks Snake how he is doing. He seems to be doing well. She suggests that he just go home, but he dismisses her concern. He decides to sell personal ASCII portraits for Manny's silent auction.

Dylan gives hockey tickets to Craig, Spinner, & Jimmy, and there is one for Marco, as well. Spinner is disturbed by Marco's news, although he doesn't tell any of the guys. He tells them that Marco can't go to the game. Not being able to come to terms with the news, Spinner aims at Marco during the volleyball game in gym.

At the silent auction, Snake announces that if they raise $250, he will shave his head in the foyer.

Spinner writes "Marco is a fag" with a Sharpie on the boy's bathroom wall. Jimmy can't believe Spinner's intolerance. Ellie convinces Marco to go to the hockey game; Jimmy agrees. Marco says he will meet them at the game. Before the game, Paige meets Jimmy, Spinner, & Craig at the Dot. She confronts Spinner about Marco being gay. He tells her he doesn't have to deal with it.

Joey and Sydney drop off food at Spike's house and are going to leave, but Snake tells them to stay and tries to have a good time.

Marco calls Jimmy and tells him that he will be at the game soon. He walks along a gay street and there are guys waiting for him. They target him because they can tell he is gay. Jimmy calls Marco while he is being harassed. The guys tell him to answer it; he quickly picks it up and says he needs help and he is in the park before the phone gets thrown out of his hands onto the ground. Jimmy leaves to go find him; he is being beaten up until the cops come and the guys run away, leaving Marco on the ground. Jimmy finds him and Marco starts crying when Jimmy comforts him.

Snake's challenge was met, meaning he will be shaving his head in front of everyone.

Marco tells Ellie that he is not going to be gay or straight; he will just be nothing. Dylan sees Marco and tells him he got beaten up bad. Marco says he is fine.

Sheila buzzes Snake's hair while the students watch. Emma is worried; everyone else is enjoying it. When the haircut is done, Snake gets a call and goes outside to take it. Emma tells Manny that things aren't too good at home. She tells her that Snake might be really sick; Manny tells her that everything will be fine.

Spinner makes fun of Marco and Jimmy defends him. Spinner blames Marco for what happened to him.

Snake tells Emma that he is starting chemo in a few days. He tells her not to cry and that he is going to beat it.

In the bathroom, Jay comments about Marco and Dylan being meant for each other; Marco then notices what Spinner wrote on the wall. Spinner comes out of the stall and Marco confronts him. Spinner tries to convince Marco not to be gay. Marco tells Spinner that strangers know, which is why he got beaten up. He compares being beaten up to how Spinner has been treating him.

Accidents Will Happen (Season 3, Episodes 14 & 15)

Ashley & Ellie pass Manny in the hall and make a comment about Manny being a boyfriend thief. Manny tries to tell them that she doesn't want Craig, but it is too late- they have already walked away. Overhearing this, Paige tries to make Manny feel better by telling her that everyone is talking about Manny's gymnastics skills. When Manny asks if that is true, Paige says only when they're not discussing her more interesting private life, meaning the love triangle Manny had created with Ashley and Craig. Manny starts to walk away, but Paige tells her that it will blow over and comments that Manny is looking pale.

Manny finds Ashley and confronts her. Ashley starts to walk away, but Manny stops her and apologizes. Ashley doesn't accept it, but Manny tells her that Craig lied to her, too, and told her that she was the one for him. She said that if she could erase it all, she would. The bell rings, and Ashley simply says that Manny is going to be late. She watches Manny walk away and looks like she is considering what Manny had just told her.

Mrs. Kwan is walking around the classroom, reading Moby Dick to the class, when Manny looks like she is going to be sick and asks to be excused. Mrs. Kwan tells her that coming to school sick is not a good idea, but Manny interrupts her and says "Please?" She runs out of the room and Emma looks at the closing door.

Manny is sitting on the floor of the open bathroom stall with her face near the toilet, vomiting. She flushes and then wipes her mouth with toilet paper.

While Manny is stretching for gymnastics on the stairwell railing, Emma comes up and asks her why she ran out of English so quickly. Manny tells her that nothing is wrong and Emma reminds her that if she is sick, she cannot be in the gymnastics competition. Manny answers this with a smart remark, that Emma is acting like her mother. Emma follows her and tells her that the coach should know, then walks away. Manny stops her and tells her that she is just nervous because the meet means everything to her. At practice, Mrs. Hatzilakos suggests that Manny should show the team how th
e balance beam is done. She does a perfect routine, with a cartwheel and backbend. The team is impressed.

After practice, in the locker room, Emma compliments Manny on her technique. Hazel walks in while they are talking and says that she is desperate for a tampon. Emma's box is empty, but Manny gives Hazel one of hers, saying that she hasn't used hers "in forever." Emma is surprised at this. Manny blames it on the fact that she had been training hard for the meet. Emma reminds Manny that she was sick earlier and asks her if she is sure it's not something more serious. Manny tells Emma that it is none of her business and leaves the locker room. She runs out of the school and sits on the front bench. She takes out her calendar and sees that she had missed some periods. She looks very worried.

The next day, she sees Craig messing around with Spinner in front of the school. When Craig notices her staring at him, she walks away. She walks into the bathroom after Paige and goes into the stall next to her. She asks Paige how she would know if a guy used a condom. Paige tells her that it is obvious. When she sees the worry on Manny's face, Paige shows concern; Manny says she doesn't think Craig used a condom. Paige comforts her by telling her that she is probably fine, but she should just ask him. She gives her advice: "Remember, next time, ask questions first, get naked later." Manny is worried.

Manny tries to convince herself, and everyone else, that nothing is wrong. She competes on the balance beam for the meet. Between Craig taking pictures of her and the sound of a baby crying in the audience, Manny gets flustered and loses her balance. Mrs. H tries to convince her to get back up, but she says she can't. Degrassi ends up forfeiting the balance beam. Manny runs out and Craig follows her. She asks him if he used a condom when they had sex. He says that he thought she was on the pill because she said it was okay. She said it was okay because it was her first time. He asks her if something is wrong, but she says no. He leaves.

Manny leaves the school, puts headphones on, and starts running. She passes a playground with kids and babies, which does not let her forget about her current situation. She keeps running until she is out of breath. She ends up at Emma's house and tells Spike that she thinks she is pregnant. She takes a pregnancy test and, while waiting for the results, talks to Spike. Manny believes she is stupid for letting this happen. Spike reassures that everyone makes mistakes and that she should learn from it. She asks Manny if she has thought about what she is going to do. Manny says it is too much. Spike offers to go with her to talk to her parents, but Manny says that she can't tell them. Spike says that her mom surprised her and was very supportive. Manny says her parents would kill her or send her away, like they did with her cousin.

Manny is sitting outside the school. Craig comes up to her. She tells she is pretty sure she is pregnant. He says that he had been thinking about it since yesterday and that he wants to keep it and be a family. He gets her excited about it and they discuss what they think the sex of the baby is. Ellie & Paige notice how lovey-dovey Craig & Manny are. Paige talks to Manny, reminding her about cheer practice, but Manny says she can't go. Ellie tells Ashley about Manny and Craig dating again. Paige tells Ashley that she thinks Craig got Manny pregnant.

At lunch, Craig brings Manny a milk and insists that she drink it, even though she already had some. He shows her a baby name book he got and tells her to pick a name without looking. She points to one and says "No. Anyone named Maude will pick their nose and eat glue." Ashley approaches them and sees the book. She announces to everyone that they are pregnant.

Manny is crying in the bathroom stall when Terri & Paige walk in. Terri comments that she is almost jealous of Manny and Paige says she should be fixed for thinking that because Manny is ruining her life. Then Paige talks about something unimportant, making it seem like she doesn't care too much about what happens to Manny. Emma walks in the bathroom and knocks on the stall door. Manny comes out and Emma invites her to come over to her house, and to bring Craig if she wants.

Craig and Manny are at Emma's house. They both make comments about Jack, showing their excitement for their baby. Emma shows Manny one of Spike's baby books and points to the picture of what the baby looks like at that point in the pregnancy. Craig comments on how big she will get while she is pregnant. Manny changes the subject and asks Emma if they can trade mothers. Emma says she can't believe her mom went through all this to have her. Jack starts crying; Craig believes babies are easy, so Emma lets him have some practice while she answers the door. Chris had come over to give Emma a book and they listen on the baby monitor to Craig & Manny taking care of Jack. Emma comes back inside and shows them how to change Jack's diaper. Both Craig and Manny look overwhelmed.

Spinner talks to Craig about his future if they keep the baby. Craig says that he doesn't have a family- he just stays at some guy's house. But Manny and the baby are his. They're for him.

Manny goes to Emma's house and talks to Spike because she couldn't concentrate in class. She asks Spike what being a single mom is like. Spike says it is very hard, especially as a teenager, but there are things that make it worth it, like sticky candy kisses. Manny talks about all these dreams and plans she has for her future and tells Spike that Craig wants her to keep the baby. Spike reminds Manny that Craig might not always be there and that it is ultimately Manny's decision.

Manny goes home and tells her mother she is pregnant and that she can't be a mom yet. They cry together.

Manny goes to Emma's house and tells her that her mother was a lot more understanding than she thought. She says that her mother is driving her to the clinic to have an abortion; Emma cannot believe this. She suggests adoption, but Manny says that she cannot go through giving birth. She begs Emma to understand, but Emma refuses.

Manny meets Craig in the hallway and tells him that she can't go through with it because she is not ready to be a mom. Craig refuses her logic and Emma tries to stop the argument. Craig tells her to butt out, but she tells him that she agrees with his point. She says that if Manny was a stranger, she would be furious, but she is her friend and it is her decision. Craig pleads with them, but Emma stands up for Manny. Craig leaves and Manny thanks Emma for sticking up for her. Emma leaves without saying another word.

Manny and her mother are at the clinic. They ask some questions and the attendant answers all of them. Manny hands in her forms and asks how she will feel after. The attendant tells her as long as she is sure of her decision, and Manny finishes the sentence by saying: "I'll be okay."

Time Stands Still (Season 4, Episodes 7 & 8)

After being tossed into a dumpster by Spinner and Jimmy, Rick vandalizes Spinner's car with spray paint, as well as Jay's. While going to class, Rick bumps into Jimmy, who is then asked two trivia questions by Mr. Simpson. After answering both of them correctly, Simpson tells them both that Jimmy is the newest member of the team for "Whack Your Brain," a trivia show, along with Rick, Emma, & Toby; Heather Sinclair (who was supposed to have been the fourth member) had come down with mono. Rick wants to quit the team because of Jimmy, but Emma and Toby convince him to stay. He tries to talk to Mr. Raditch and tell him that Jimmy had been harassing him, but he is not taken seriously and Mr. Raditch dismisses Rick's concerns, although Rick has told him about the issue before. He is told simply to try to make friends with Jimmy and then come back if anything serious happens. Jay & Spinner find their vandalized cars and assume that it had been Rick. While Toby is drinking at the water fountain, Spinner, Jay, & Alex approach him and ask him where Rick is. After Toby refuses to tell them, Jay pushes Toby's head into the fountain, which causes his lip to bleed. When Toby walks into the room where the team is preparing, Simpson asks Toby what happened and Toby blames it on a skateboard accident. Rick & Jimmy argue about who hurt Toby, and Jimmy tells Rick to back off. Rick then tells Jimmy that he has been suffering for weeks and that no one deserves that. Jimmy seems to be affected by Rick's words. While they are leaving practice, Rick is approached and picked on by Spinner, Jay, & Alex. Jimmy defends Rick and the teammates walk away; Rick turns around and crosses his arms, making an X, which proves that he had vandalized the cars. When Toby is at Rick's house, Rick is overjoyed over the events of the day. His mother tells Toby that Rick told her that the four teammates are such good friends that they are practically inseparable. Toby seems confused but goes along with it. Rick is obviously feeling confident about winning Jimmy over. During the trivia show, Rick answers a golf question correctly and it causes them to tie the game. He grabs Emma's hand and holds it for too long; Emma yanks it away. Before the tie breaker, Jimmy congratulates Rick on knowing the answer. Rick asks him why he didn't know the answer, since sports are Jimmy's strong point. He tells Rick that golf isn't really a sport, anyway.

In the bathroom, Spinner & Jay congratulate Rick on tying the game and ask him if he will be the person competing in the tie breaker; Rick says that he will be. They tell Rick that they have no hard feelings over what had happened between them. After Rick leaves, Spinner & Jay discuss their prank. Before competing in the tie breaker, Rick whispers to Emma that he is doing it all for her, which makes her feel uncomfortable. He answers enough of the questions correctly and wins the game for Degrassi. While the crowd is cheering and Rick is standing there, as happy as ever, he is covered in yellow paint and feathers dropped from above. The cheers quickly turn to silence, then to laughter. Rick is mortified. Afterwards, Emma finds and approaches Rick, trying to comfort him. He tries to kiss her very forcefully; she pulls away and tells him that she only pitied him. Rick walks home and, realizing the house is empty, takes out a wooden box and pulls a gun out of it. J.T., Danny, & Toby are sitting at a table.

While J.T. & Danny discuss how funny the prank on Rick was, Toby says that he didn't think it was funny at all. Danny looks up and sees Rick walking back toward the school, still covered in paint and feathers, with his backpack in his hand. Toby goes up to him and tells him that everyone would understand if he left for the day. Rick dismisses Toby's concern and tells him that this was one of the times he really wanted to be there. Mr. Raditch, who finally shows sympathy for Rick, also tells him that he can go home. He walks to where Paige is sitting and reaches for the gun inside his bag. Paige sees him and before he pulls the gun out, she tells hims that she thought the whole thing was sickening. He decides against pulling the gun on her; instead, he apologizes for hurting Terri and leaves the room. In the middle of looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, Spinner & Jay walk in and Rick hides in the first stall. Spinner is about to talk about the prank, but Jay sees the paint from Rick and turns the blame onto Jimmy, and Spinner goes along with it. After hearing this, Rick approaches Jimmy, holding his backpack in his arms. Jimmy asks Rick how he is holding up and says that he has his back if anyone bothers him. Rick replies that Jimmy stabbed him in the back. Rick takes his gun out and points it at Jimmy, who backs away slowly. When Rick turns his head and shuts his eyes to fire the gun, Jimmy runs, but the bullet hits him and he falls to the ground. Most students run from the scene, but Craig walks towards it and sees Jimmy on the floor. Rick then sees Emma with Toby and Sean. He apologizes for kissing Emma. They turn to run from Rick when they see the gun, but he demands that they don't turn away from him. He says that Emma had flirted with him and made him think she cared about him, but it was all just a lie. Sean walks toward Rick and tries to reason with him, telling him that it will just make his life worse. Rick says that it is too late because he already shot someone. He points the gun straight at Emma, but Sean grabs his hand and while they are fighting over it, the gun goes off and they both fall to the floor. The school is under lockdown and, while they are stuck in the classrooms, Paige announces to her class that her mom heard that there was a shooting. Hazel looks over to see Jimmy's empty desk. Ms. Sauve asks to see Hazel in the hallway, where she is told that Jimmy had been shot. Police cars and ambulances surround the school; Jimmy is taken out on a stretcher, wearing an oxygen mask. Spinner tells Jay that he wants to confess and Jay strongly disagrees. Spinner says that Jimmy is his best friend. Then Jay delivers what may be the most powerful line in Degrassi: "Either outcome, I'd say he was your best friend." A newscaster, Rachel Rhodes, is the person who reveals that Rick had died.

Emma's and Ashley & Toby's families are watching the school shooting on the news and Ashley comments how Rick was a freak, which is too much for Toby to handle, so he leaves the room. Emma defends him by telling Ashley that Rick was Toby's friend. A memorial is held for Jimmy, who is in critical condition and his future is not revealed.

Foolin' (Season 5, Episode 4)

J.T. is driving down a road and convinces Liberty to try driving, even though she doesn't even have her beginner's. She was very pleased that she could drive. J.T. told her that they should celebrate and pulled condoms out of his pocket. Liberty tells him that she has to do something in fifteen minutes, so she can't "celebrate." J.T. tells her that fifteen minutes is more than enough time. He goes to kiss her and she pulls away. J.T. asks if he is doing something wrong. She blames it on the fact that she has a lot of responsibility being student council president, and that he doesn't understand what that means.

Toby is waiting for Liberty at school to start auditions for the morning video announcements. J.T. wants to audition, but Liberty does not think he is a good match for the job. She doesn't think being an entertainer is a smart career path, but then tells him to do what he wants.

Spinner is doing well in school. Darcy asks him for advice; he is more than willing to help her in any subject. She responds by telling him that he is not a good flirt. He suggests that he can help her with English if she helps him flirt. She changes the subject and asks him if he failed last year. He told her that there were problems- his dog got leukemia and all his fur fell out right around exams and he was broken up. She tells him that, along with being bad at flirting, he is a horrible liar.

Toby tells J.T. that he needs to be the man of his relationship. Toby comments that Liberty has been barking orders at J.T., who blames it on her becoming student council president and says that she is just stressed out, and needs de-stressing.

Spinner tries to get Jimmy to talk to him, saying that it is a brand-new year. Jimmy is still unconvinced and says that just because he was allowed to come back to school, it does not change who he is. Spinner tells Jimmy that he has changed, but Jimmy is uninterested and moves quickly down the hall, right past Darcy. Spinner tells her that he was expelled last year because of what happened to Rick. He tells her that he has more than paid for what he did, but no one will even look at him anymore. Darcy invites him to come to a room after school where a bunch of people are meeting up.

Mr. Simpson is very happy with Liberty's job as school president, but she seems stressed and overwhelmed by the job. J.T. tries to make her feel better by cracking jokes, but she is not very interested. He wants her to go out with him and their friends for a movie night instead of working. She tries to resist but, seeing J.T.'s hurt expression, tells him her work can wait. She tells him that he is really great and he responds by saying he knows that.

After school, Spinner goes to the classroom that Darcy had invited him to and sees a group of people sitting on chairs in a circle. Darcy gets up and introduces him to everybody. He wonders why they are all in a circle. She reveals that the group of people are in Friendship Club. They all join hands and Darcy leads them in an "Our Father."

Paige is working the concession stand at the movie theater when J.T. and Liberty walk up. Paige complains that there are twenty movie theaters in the city, but everyone from Degrassi goes to that one. J.T. orders and then Manny, Emma, and Toby join them. Emma comments on how long the bus took and Liberty brags about her boyfriend having a car. J.T. and Toby walk a few feet away and J.T. mentions how he has been giving Liberty driving lessons and that she is handy at the stick shift. Toby says, in a semi-loud voice, that he has heard enough of J.T. and Liberty's sex life. Liberty stares at J.T., who tries to change the subject and compliment Paige on how fast she got his order. Paige jokes and tells him that he owes her $400. Liberty gets angry and pours the soda down J.T.'s pants.

J.T. is following Liberty in his car and trying to convince her to get in instead of walking. He asks her that if she will take it as an apology if he gives her a ride. She gets in the car. He apologized and tells her he shouldn't have made those jokes to Toby. She calls him an immature clown. He wants her to respect him and maybe then they can make some choices. She tells him that they did make a choice over the summer when they used the extra large condom and it slipped off. She tells him that she is pregnant and he crashes the car right into the bus stop outside of Degrassi.

Everyone rushes to see if J.T. and Liberty are all right. Liberty tells Ms. Hatzilakos that a dog ran onto the road and J.T. swerved. She tells them to go inside while she talks to the police.

Simpson is teaching his class, but the students get distracted when they see J.T. and Liberty talking to the police in the hallway. They walk into class and J.T. asks Liberty how long she has known about the pregnancy. She admits that she has known about it for three months. She says that she doesn't want to be pregnant. She refuses to even think about an abortion. He asks if she is sure of the pregnancy and she remarks that if he wants proof, he should go buy a pregnancy test. He can't believe she had not done one, but she said that a woman just knows because they are many signs, such as frequent urination. She stands up to ask Mr. Simpson to go to the bathroom and J.T. stares at her stomach.

Spinner sits at a table in the cafeteria and Darcy walks over to him. She sits down and asks him if he liked the club. He replied that it was Christian and not really his thing. She surprises him with some things that she is interested in. He asks her out for coffee at the Dot. She agrees.

J.T. is at the mall and goes into the pharmacy to get a pregnancy test. There is a father carrying his baby right next to him and he g
ets uncomfortable. He looks uncomfortable at the register, too; he sees a help wanted sign on the counter.

J.T. is waiting outside the bathroom in Liberty's house. Danny comes up to him and asks if she is in there again. He tells J.T. to get comfortable because she is going to be a while; she is probably all "bunged up." J.T. calls Danny an ignorant little puke and says that Danny knows nothing about Liberty and then tells him to get lost. Danny walks away, saying that J.T. has issues. Liberty walks out of the bathroom, holding the test up. J.T. asks if it is positive and Liberty nods.

J.T. tries to audition for the video announcements, but he was very nervous and kept fumbling over his words. He quickly left the room. Liberty followed him into the hallway. Liberty reminds him that entertainment is not a practical career path; J.T. tells her to stop controlling him. He tells Liberty she needs to get checked out by a doctor, but she says that she will take care of everything.

Toby is playing with a remote-control car at his house. J.T. comes over and tells him that Liberty is pregnant. Toby is surprised. He tries to help J.T. by giving him advice on what to do, but J.T. says that there is a bigger problem. Toby asks what could be bigger than Liberty being pregnant; J.T. says "Liberty." He feels like she treats him like crap. Toby tells him to talk to her, but J.T. says that that isn't working.

Darcy walks into the Dot and Spinner is already there waiting for her. She hands him a mixed CD with artists that surprise Spinner. She tells him to tell her something about himself that she wouldn't expect. He tells her that he was Little Mr. Handsome from when he was four to six, but guesses he got ugly after that. Jimmy comes up and warns Darcy that Spinner is probably not telling the truth and she should watch out for Spinner because he tends to get people shot.

J.T. wants to do the morning announcements badly, but Liberty is very much against it. He complains that she used to like the fact that he made jokes, but she doesn't anymore. She tells him that everyone has changed; she doesn't have time for jokes because this is serious. She tells him that she can't trust him to deal with this. He tells her that he can't deal with her, then. He tells her that he's done. She can't believe it and asks if he is really breaking up with her. He stops for a second without turning back around, and then walks away.

Spinner is sitting on a bench near the school and Darcy walks over to him. He thinks she will want nothing to do with him after what Jimmy said, but she just asks why he didn't tell her what happened. He tells her that Jimmy was his best friend and he basically cut his legs off, so he doesn't like to broadcast it. She reminds Spinner that he didn't shoot Jimmy, but he says he may as well have because it was his fault, but he keeps trying to talk to him. Darcy enlightens Spinner by telling him that he can't expect Jimmy to forgive him if he hasn't forgiven himself. Darcy admits that she liked Spinner; he reaches down into his bag under the bench and hands her a mixed CD that he made for her.

Liberty is at her locker and J.T. approaches her, telling her that he got a job at a drug store. He is pleased because he will not only be able to share the cost, but he will get a good discount on diapers, as well. He says that he wants to help and it's the only way he knows how. She tells him that they are not back together. He understands, but he says he will not abandon Liberty or the baby. Liberty says that she has never needed help with anything before.

The Lexicon of Love (Season 5, Episodes 11 & 12)

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes return to Canada for the premiere of the movie "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!" Jay wanted to take Alex to the party, but she planned to go with Paige, but Paige told her that she was taking Hazel instead. However, after Hazel made a rude comment about Alex, Paige decided to forget going with Hazel and take Alex. When Paige asks Kevin Smith for another ticket to the premiere, he slips and tells her that her part had been completely cut out of the movie. She is disappointed.

The premiere is held in a movie theater and the audience seems to enjoy it. At the after party, some students try to get into the more exclusive VIP room. After Toby and Liberty unsuccessfully tried to get into the VIP room, Paige and Alex manage to get into the party by pretending to be lesbian strippers. Paige sees Jay at the party and tells him that "VIP" does not stand for "vastly icky poser." He had gotten in because he knew the bouncer.

Peter and Emma, still in their secret relationship, sneak away to the empty lobby to make out, but an employee is vacuumming, so they decide to try the theater, but they see Snake and Ms. Hatzilakos making out instead.

Alex and Paige are dancing together. Jason tells Kevin that he cannot believe they cut Paige out of the movie. Kevin tells Jason that they are being upstaged at their own premiere and asks why they are dancing like that. Jason starts to dance with him, but Kevin tells him that it was rhetorical. Jason tells him that that is mean and he shouldn't call them that and calls Kevin rhetorical.

After the party, Alex brings Paige to her house to get shoes for Paige, since Alex had convinced her to leave her shoes there. Alex wanted to go in and get out quickly, but her mother, Emily, wakes up and wants to talk to Paige, who is like royalty at their house, according to Emily, because Alex never stops talking about her. Emily's boyfriend, Chad, had passed out hours before.

At her house, Emma is crying in the kitchen while making tea. Snake asks her what's wrong and she tells him that she went back into the theater to get something and she saw him making out with Ms. H. She tells him that her mother should know.

At Alex's house, Chad had woken up and got into a fight with Emily. He pushes past Alex, who falls over the coffee table.
Palex lexicon of love

Paige takes Alex back to her house for the night and they kiss. Paige feels very awkward afterwards and tells Alex that she can sleep in her bed and she will go sleep on the couch.

Paige got freaked out by the kiss with Alex because she does not want to be gay. However, Alex is completely fine about it. Paige wants to talk about what happened, but Alex seems to want to kiss Paige more than she wants to talk to her.

Jay sees Paige and Alex making out and goes to tell Hazel. Hazel refuses to believe him, but after he tells her that since Paige is a lesbian, there will be rumors going around about the two of them, she starts to get worried. At cheer practice, Hazel acts Paige if she is a lesbian; Paige denies it. Hazel then asks her why Jay saw her and Alex making out; she said it was only a momentary lapse of judgment and that the kiss meant nothing and that Alex means nothing to her. Alex, who was standing right behind her when she said this, left the gym in a rush.

The school holds a special assembly to honor Kevin Smith. Ms. Hatzilakos presents Kevin with an honorary diploma. The Spirit Squad was supposed to have a routine planned for him, but because of the drama Paige has had to deal with, she didn't have time to make up a routine and ends up just having some members walk up and do some cartwheels spelling out "Kevin Smith." She is embarrassed and leaves in a hurry right after the makeshift cheer.

Kevin Smith gives some unexpected love advice to Paige. He tells her that his brother is gay, which gives Paige something in common with him. He tells her that love is love and that Paige and Alex seemed happy together, so she should go for it.

Snake tells Spike that he kissed Ms. H and that Emma had been keeping it a secret. He gets kicked out of the house, even though Emma tries to convince him to stay.

Alex and Jay hang out on the couch. Emily is happy to see Jay because she thinks this means that Alex and Jay are back together; she says that Jay reminds her of Chad. Alex leaves the apartment to get some air and she sees Paige in the hallway. Paige tells her that she was trying to get herself to ring the doorbell and Alex remarks that they don't have one. Paige asks her if there is any room in her world for a stupid girl and Alex tells her she already has one of those, referring to herself. Paige tells Alex that she is ready to stop caring about what other people think and that what she said to Hazel was a lie because Alex means everything to her right now.

Rock This Town (Season 6, Episode 11)


Emma's parents go out of town and Manny wants to throw a party to get over Craig. J.T. suggests that they have the party for Liberty's birthday. Too many people find out and it turns into more than expected. Students from Lakehurst find out about the party and crash it, then end up getting thrown out because they cause trouble. J.T. realizes that he still loves Liberty, even though he is dating Mia. After talking to Toby, J.T. goes outside to find Liberty and confess his feelings, but he ends up getting stabbed by a Lakehurst student, Drake. Liberty finds J.T. and screams for help. At the hospital, the nurse says she can only reveal J.T.'s condition to a family member and Toby tells her that he is J.T.'s brother. She tells the group (Manny, Emma, Toby, & Sean) that J.T.'s aorta was damaged and it could not be repaired. Liberty joins them and, after looking at her friends' faces, realizes what had happened. The episode ends with all of them mourning the loss of their friend.

Live to Tell (Season 7, Episode 12)

Johnny, Bruce, Darcy are sitting in detention. Johnny asks Darcy if she wants to apply to be his girlfriend; Bruce tells Johnny that Darcy is still wearing her abstinence ring. Johnny says that "ski trips with pretty-boy Peter don't count." Simpson catches the boys talking and gives them another week of detention. Johnny asks about Darcy not getting another week and pulls her hair. She complains to Simpson that she has to put up with them and that they gang up on her. Snake tells her that she can go home early because it is her last day of detention. Darcy hugs Snake, who becomes uncomfortable and she smiles at him before she leaves. Johnny looks at Snake and raises his eyebrow.

Darcy has a big attitude with her mother and calls her a bitch. Ashley keeps trying to protect and help Jimmy. He wants to be more independent.

Darcy has lost her spirit and quits the Spirit Squad. Manny tries to stop her, but she leaves and goes onto the school roof with Peter. She drops her abstinence ring off the edge and tells Peter that the ring belonged to "virgin Darcy." He tells her it didn't count. She starts to kiss Peter and he is shocked because he thinks she wants to have sex on the roof. She says that it's
better than on roofies, and tells him that no one will see. He tells her no. He calls her hopeless and goes back downstairs.

Simpson is scanning entries for the new panther logo. Darcy walks into the room and tells him that she and Peter broke up. He tells Darcy that she should talk to a counselor about that. She tells him that he is the only one who understands her situation. He tells her that she should submit an entry, but she says she is sick of school spirit and she might even quit Spirit Squad. Simpson tells her that change is an important part of healing. She tried to tell that to Manny and Peter, but they didn't understand. She rubs his arm and then leaves the room.

Jimmy is working out and Trina compliments his efforts. Trina has high hopes for her future. She offers to let him drive her hand-controlled car.

In class, Johnny asks Darcy if she can flirt her way out of the next period so they can practice some "Darcy-style abstinence." She rolls her eyes, disgusted. Darcy walks up to Simpson after class and tells him that she made a new logo and that he will like it; she calls him Snake. Before he can leave, she shows him her drawing of a snake. She says she knows it was supposed to be a panther, but she likes snakes better. He thinks she should talk to someone else. She pleads with him. He goes to leave and she takes a pair of scissors and puts it up to her neck, still pleading. He tells her to give him the scissors; she cuts off part of her hair and throws the scissors and her hair to the floor and runs out of the room.
Darcy Roof

Snake follows Darcy and finds her at her locker. She apologizes to him for her behavior and blames it on PMS. He asks to see her in the computer lab after school and she happily agrees.

Jimmy visits Spinner at his house and talks to him about Trina and Ashley, even though he didn't need much advice.Darcy walks into the lab and sees Snake, Ms. H, and her mother there. Snake expresses his concern. She is confused, and Snake tells them about the scissors incident. He tells her to reveal her secret to Ms. H and her mother. She is angry; she lies and tells them that Simpson treats her differently than the other students and touches her inappropriately. Snake denies her accusations. Mrs. Edwards is very disturbed at this; Ms. H tells Simpson that he is going to be automatically suspended and assures Mrs. Edwards that it will be investigated fully.

Anya and Holly J. talk about Simpson; Holly J. tells Anya that she heard he made out with one of Heather's friends. Emma follows them, but Johnny distracts her by making a rude comment, and Bruce laughs. Emma defends Snake; Johnny tells Emma that Darcy started the rumor. Darcy walks away and Emma follows her. Darcy apologizes, but Emma tells her that she ruined his life, and that it doesn't matter if she meant it or not because everyone will find out what a pathetic liar Darcy is. Emma leaves and Darcy brings Johnny up to the roof.

Trina drove Jimmy to school; Ashley sees them being more-than-friendly. Trina drives off. Jimmy sees Ashley, who makes a comment about Trina and then walks away.

Darcy and Johnny are on the roof. They start making out.

Liberty is getting ready to announce the winner of the logo contest, chosen by Simpson. She adds that people are innocent until proven guilty. Holly J. tells Manny that Darcy is not there, but Manny says that she will be there. Manny asks Emma if she knows where Darcy is, and Emma tells Manny that Darcy is the one who started the rumor about Simpson. Manny defends Darcy; Emma is shocked. Manny then asks Peter where Darcy is and he says that she still has his keys to the roof.

Manny goes to the roof to find Darcy and Johnny still making out. She makes Johnny leave and questions why Darcy was making out with Johnny and accusing Simpson. Darcy says that she is a crazy slut and that, once everyone finds out she lied about Simpson, the whole school will think it, too. She goes over to the edge of the roof. Manny stops her, and Darcy starts crying, worrying about what will happen to her.

Jimmy was the winner of the logo contest. Ashley walks past and he asks her why she hasn't answered his texts or calls. She says she doesn't want to hear his apology. He tells her that
she won't have to. She tells him that she has supported him for over a year; he says that their relationship is a crutch for them both. She asks him if he wants her to just walk away and he
says that he would do it himself if he could. She leaves.

Darcy goes to Snake's house and Emma answers, asking if she is there to make things worse. Simpson tells Emma that he can handle it, and the two of them talk outside. Darcy tells Snake that she told everyone she lied and signed a statement; he had already been told this by Ms. H. She said that she didn't tell anyone why she lied, but she thinks it will be back to normal now. He says that sometimes girls say things and take them back because they're scared. He will still be under investigation. She apologizes and says that he must hate her. He tells her that she caused a lot of damage, but he doesn't hate her.

Jane Says (Season 8, Episodes 13 & 14)

Jane and Lucas' father comes back to town. The whole family, much to Jane's chagrin, is excited that he is back in their lives. Jane is suspicious about her father, but she can't quite understand why. When she finally remembers what he did to her as a little girl, she feels uncomfortable.

After finally remembering the sexual abuse her father inflicted on her as a child, Jane is now fully aware why she has hated him for so long. She remembers him saying that she had "backward pajamas", many times and that he had to "fix" them for her. She also remembers him forcing her to promise to not tell anyone. Lucas didn't understand at first why she hated him, saying that he's a good dad. She snaps at him, saying "Why do you think it took him so long to put me to bed?" Lucas doesn't know how to respond, but understands immediately.

She freaks out when she sees him near Isabella and pushes him away. Lucas, now fully understanding Jane's resentment of their father, tells their dad that he needs to leave. Mr. Valieri leaves and the whole family goes into counseling to try and get through it. In the end, Jane tells her mother how he molested her multiple times, and cries that she was afraid to tell her mother. The two both cry together. The episode ends with them all (except for their father) at counseling.

Bitter Sweet Symphony (Season 12, Episodes 31 & 32)

It’s a new semester, but Cam's hesitant about coming back to Degrassi after an amazing week at home. After Spirit Week starts, Cam and Maya find that they're on separate teams and that Zig is on a team with Maya which makes Cam jealous. Dallas wants a date with a relunctant Alli and makes it his mission to win her over. Dallas asks Alli out on a date by making a deal: Red Team wins, date and if Purple Team wins, no date. 

Eli is depressed that he won't be able to spend all his time with Clare. When her locker is being moved, he offers to share his locker with her and convinces Dave that it will turn out fine, even though Dave doesn't think it will. When Eli is leaving for class, he notices that Clare's diary fell onto his books, but he doesn't have time to return it. In class, he ends up reading it and sees her old entries about her love for Jake. He becomes jealous and when Clare asks him if he has her diary, he lies and says no. She becomes suspicious after he acts hostile towards Jake and he admits to stealing it. Clare gets upset with him for invading her privacy and storms off.

At the first event (floor hockey), Cam elbows Zig in the eye and pushes him over, asking for a fight. Dallas and Maya try to stop Cam from attacking Zig more, and all four of them are sent to the principal's office.Maya tells the truth about the fight, and how it was no accident. Cam is suspended for the rest of the week and Maya leaves the room without saying a word to him.

Cam has a breakdown and finds Alli saw it all. Alli gives Cam advice about how to win Maya back. After Alli finds out that Dallas yelled at Cam she scolds him and calls him an arrogant bully, before calling of the earlier deal. Maya is shown at home practicing her cello and Cam comes in with a huge bouquet of pink flowers. Maya thanks him and just as Cam is about to leave, Maya says that he could stay. They are shown cuddling on the couch while watching videos on Maya's phone. Maya shows Cam a stuffed animal from her night camp named Hoot. Katie then comes in and tells Cam that it's time to leave and just as he's about to, Maya convinces Katie to let him stay over for a sleepover after Cam said he didn't want to go home.  

The next morning, Cam is gone and Maya watches a video Cam sent her that says that she will have to meet him at the stairs at lunch because he stole her stuffed animal, Hoot and she must retrieve him. She smiles and the scene ends. In the next scene, Cam is seen sitting on the stairs as Zig confronts him about hitting him. Zig says that Maya won't stay forgiving him for long, as she'll see what he really is - a psycho. Cam begins crying, upset about Zig's words. The next scene shows Maya looking for Cam at the stairs. She then gets a text from him saying that he can't make it, and they're over. Maya is shown upset, and the episode ends.

Eli finds Clare the next mourning and manages to win her forgiveness. As they walk past the greenhouse, Eli finds a horrifying sight and quickly pulls Clare away to tell her to call 911. In front of the school as Dallas, Katie, and Maya are talking about Cam and his odd behaviour in the past days, a number of emergency personnel drive by. Madama Jean-Aux  insists that Maya and Katie go to see Principal Simpson. In his office, Snake reveals that Cam has passed away via suicide.

Everyone in the school reacts differently: Tori and Tristan both collapse into tears upon hearing the news; Katie is supportive of her sister, as is Tori, who wants to help, but Maya coldly rebuffs them and insists on preparing for her music tryout that afternoon. Dallas is inconsolable, feeling terribly about how he treated his teammate. He ends up exploding, tossing a garbage can at a display. Alli attempts to comfort him only to be rejected due to her prior knowledge of Cam's issues. Dave asks Eli what it was like to find Cam and tries to offer suggestions on how to move past it based on his dad's experiences in dealing with bodies. Eli reveals that he can't just forget what he saw so easily.

The student council tries to figure out ways they can help while reflecting on the suicide in their own ways. After Fiona breaks the news that Spirit Week is cancelled, Marisol insists that they hold a vigil in memory of Cam. Mo attempts to joke to lighten the mood and quickly stops when he realizes that his attempts are not helping; Fiona is sympathetic towards the situation. Connor doesn't understand why the entire school is taking pause, while Becky insists that the suicide was a selfish act and earns scorn from the council.

Zig feels incredibly guilty for his comments towards Cam and can't understand why Maya is acting so indifferent. Eli breaks down in the hallway and then retreats to smoke marijuana with Jake, hinting that the death has affected him far more than he's let on. Jake solemnly reveals that if Eli and Clare had not found Cam in the greenhouse, he most likely would have.

Marisol offers Maya the position of speaking at the vigil; Maya begrudgingly accepts. On the roof, Dallas gets drunk and nearly commits suicide out of guilt for what he feels is his role in Cam's death. Fiona manages to convince him not to jump and to seek counseling. At the vigil, Maya snaps. She tells everyone that she will not cry or light a candle and that she blames Cam for his decision and unwillingness to ask for help before storming off.

The next day, Tori approaches Maya again, with Maya finally breaking down in her best friend's arms. Dallas also apologizes to Alli for his actions the day before and acknowledges Fiona as the friend who convinced him to speak to someone.

The episode finishes with Maya briefly pulling Hoot out of her backpack, smiling at it for a moment, and then walking to class.