• The door outside of The Break Room.
  • Outside sign
The Break Room is a pool hall in Toronto. Students typically hang around and play pool to spend their time.

People that have hung out here include: Spinner Mason, Jimmy Brooks, Jane Vaughn, Peter Stone, Darcy Edwards, Riley Stavros, Johnny DiMarco, Bruce, Mia Jones, Jay Hogart, Nathan, Fiona Coyne, Derek Haig, Danny Van Zandt, Sam, Trina, Toby Isaacs, and Leia Chang.


Notable Events

Season 7

In Standing in the Dark (1), Toby approaches Johnny and Bruce, asking them if both Lakehurst and Degrassi could try and get along. But they threaten to hurt him if he didn't leave the bar.

In Death Or Glory (1), Jane and Spinner are playing a game of pool, but Spinner quickly leaves because he begins to have testicular pains.

In Pass the Dutchie, Jay discovers that Spinner has cancer and offers to supply him with marijuana to help him deal with his chemotherapy. Spinner, Jimmy, and Jane

In Sweet Child O' Mine, Jimmy and Trina are hanging out, and he tells her that he decided to go with his father's internship instead of stem cell surgery. She questions why he can't do both.

In Talking In Your Sleep, Spinner, Jimmy, Jane, Darcy, and Peter are hanging out. Darcy convinces Jane to join the Archery Club.

Season 8

In Man With Two Hearts, Peter and Riley hang out and play a game of pool, while Mia waits for Peter to walk her home.

In Lost in Love (1), Spinner is drowning his sorrows with alcohol with Jay, after his fight with Jane about lying about police school, and thinks of the idea to propose to her.

In Bad Medicine, Leia and Derek go on a date.

Season 9

In Shoot to Thrill, Riley and Fiona hang out, and discuss movies and food. Nathan approaches Fiona asking about if Riley ever mentions him, and says that Riley stopped calling him.

In Beat It (2), Peter and Riley come to the pool hall to try and pick up girls. Peter is rather successful, while Riley is not, and drinks gradually throughout the entire experience. Riley and Sam get into an altercation in the men's restroom.

In Why Can't This Be Love (1), Johnny hit on a waitress named Lindsay but she turned him down as she considered him to be too young and immature.