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Taylor and Alex

The Degrassi Experience is a YouTube channel run by Alex and Taylor dedicated to Degrassi (Link). The two vlog about recent episodes giving their views and predictions, as well as reactions to the latest promos.

They have been invited to the Degrassi set and have done several interviews with various cast members, including Chloe Rose, Aislinn Paul, Sam Earle, and the producer Stephen Stohn.

They are parodied in Can't Tell Me Nothing (1) when Tori and Tristan are filming a weekly Vlog called 'The West Drive Experience'. 



Degrassi Experience Interviews Cast Member Chloe Rose26:43

Degrassi Experience Interviews Cast Member Chloe Rose

Interview with Chloe Rose

Interview with Degrassi Producer Stephen Stohn24:26

Interview with Degrassi Producer Stephen Stohn

Interview with Stephen Stohn

Degrassi Cast Does Drake01:19

Degrassi Cast Does Drake

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