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"Tomorrow night, it's gonna be showtime for Zig and his crew."
— Zig reading the threatening gang message

“The Kids Aren't Alright (1)”
Season 14, Episode 21
1421 289629
Can. Airdate

July 29, 2015

U.S. Airdate

July 29, 2015

Prod. Code



Courtney Jane Walker


Phil Earnshaw

Episode Guide

Teen Age Riot


The Kids Aren't Alright (2)

The Kids Aren't Alright (1) is the twenty-first episode of Season 14. It aired on July 29, 2015.

Main Plot

Zig learns the truth behind some recent events, and now he's an accomplice to a crime.

Sub Plot

With opening night fast approaching, Frankie finds herself falling for Winston all over again. Given their rocky past, she's determined not to get hurt this time around. Frankie comes up with a plan to test Winston's fidelity.

Third Plot 

Becky is happy with Jonah, but Drew isn't having it. He's convinced that Jonah is not a good guy, and he's trying to prove that to Becky.

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