The Lovecats is a Degrassi Mini which aired during the fifth season, most likely before the episode The Lexicon of Love.

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The mini starts off with Paige and Alex talking about Paige eating low fat cottage cheese on Pizza day in the cafeteria. Paige explains that she may have to fit into her 'last years prom dress,' and that carbs were her enemy. Alex tells her that no one's invited her or her "big fat ass," then Paige tells Alex that "glitz and glamour" is not exactly 'her scene' and that her 'ass' was fantastic and that she was jealous. Alex jokingly tells Paige that she's a jealous 'lesbo' and a girl who can't throw. Paige then tells Alex that she has only one pass to the movie premiere, Alex says she'll shut up indicating that she wants to go to the premiere with Paige. Alex tells Paige that she'll possibly go to the premiere if she's going.

Ellie and Marco enters the cafeteria and sits down next to Alex and Paige. Paige insults Ellie by calling her 'goth girl,' and Ellie replies that she must have been confused with Ashley Kerwin. Paige asks Ellie and Marco if they have their tickets to the premiere, but Ellie and Marco kept silent, and Paige continues and tells them that Alex is 'maybe going.' Marco tells Paige that he has some things to do, Alex assumes that it's 'gay stuff' and Marco jokingly replies that it's 'gay stuff' and that he's meeting the football team in the boiler room for a quick makeout session. Alex took a sip of milk when Marco explained his 'gay stuff' and accidentally spit out milk after he told her.

Paige tells Marco to ignore Alex, and explains that when it comes to homosexuality, Alex needs sensitivity training. Alex tells her that she was kidding around and that she was not 'anti gay.' Marco tells Alex to relax, and Paige apologizes to her. The mini ends with Alex looking depressed and Paige, Marco and Ellie staring at her with sympathy.


  • Alex is possibly hinted as a lesbian in this mini when she kept saying that she's not anti gay, and looking upset as she was saying it.
  • Ashley Kerwin is mentioned.


  • Alex: (to Paige) "Low fat cottage cheese on pizza day. Don't make me stage an intervention."
  • Marco: "Actually Alex, yes 'gay stuff.' I'm meeting the football team in the boiler room for a quick makeout session."



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Degrassi Mini 107 - The Lovecats

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